Windows NT Dev Lead Dave Cutler Now Working on Xbox

Microsoft has revealed that Dave Cutler, responsible for leading the development of Windows NT, is now working on the Xbox. The news comes via Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley, who reports hearing that Cutler didn't have a whole lot to do in his position on the Azure team and had been moved to other projects. Just recently, another insider filled in the blanks with a tip that Cutler is working on the new Xbox. Redmond has since confirmed that Dave is now working on the Xbox.

“Dave is one of our brightest minds and is currently working on projects that will help advance our goals in the consumer space as we continue to grow the Xbox from a game-centric console to a complete home entertainment device,” the company told Foley

No other information about his role was offered, but Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it wants the newest Xbox to be more than just a tool for gamers. Recent updates have pushed the focus onto media and TV more than ever and it's thought Microsoft will continue this line of thought with the next iteration of its console.

Cutler, 69, joined Microsoft in 1988 and has been there ever since. He holds the status of 'Senior Technical Fellow' at Microsoft and aside from leading the Windows NT team has also worked on Windows 2000, porting Windows to AMD's 64-bit AMD64 architecture, and the 64-bit versions of Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

  • alxianthelast
    Xbox, where the talented go to die?
    How the mighty have fallen?
    Who's mangos did he get caught pinching...

  • The more they push away from gaming, the less i care about the xbox.
  • Shin-san
    The x64 build of Windows came out incredibly fast considering AMD's release date.
  • sunflier
    So...the next console release could be Xbox NT720 SP3??
  • zoemayne
    i wonder how much he makes i know a standard level developer makes $250K for Google he should be getting well over $500K. Since he's been with them for ever.
  • FloKid
    So I guess this means there will be no PS4... Great going anonymous lol.
  • dimar
    I don't like the direction MS is taking with the next xbox. My PC can do everything + gaming. Can't they just create a miniITX system with custom Windows just for gaming + simple multimedia stuff. Make the same games compatible with regular PCs where user can do more tweaking..

    If there's no PS4, what happens to all the games I bought on PSN? I'm sure Sony is not that stupid.
  • darkavenger123
    So...they're trying to turn the XBOX into a server??? more bloated OS for a console...all i want to do is to play games....
  • Windows NT made me switch to Windows from the Amiga since win95, 98 and Millenium it were all unprofessional versions and example no working OpenGL. The funny thing XBOX is now DirectX since it's the property of Microsoft :)
    So the next XBOX will be what, now...the XBOX 2015?