No Diablo III in 2010

Last week in New York, Blizzard offered a product release roadmap (thanks Kotaku) for the next few years, showing what is to come in 2009, 2010, and a few years beyond. For this year, the company listed World of Warcraft only, however Blizzard obviously plans to provide content beyond 2011 with the release of Cataclysm in 2010 and other content beyond.

As for 2010, Blizzard also lists a few titles other than the World of Warcraft expansion. Included is the highly anticipated sci-fi RTS StarCraft II and the upgraded Also on Blizzard's list is "China Online," an entry we assume represents the updated version of World of Warcraft, specialized for the Chinese requirements.

But what isn't on the 2010 list is Diablo III. Gamers wanting the fantasy-themed action RPG may not see the game until 2011 or 2012 according to the presentation. This period of time will also host a few other titles however, including Blizzard's mystery "unannounced MMO" and the Star Craft II expansion. also appears in the "next few years" category; we presume Blizzard will be making modifications and adding new features to the revamped service over the next three or so years.

It's unfortunate that Diablo III isn't making an appearance in 2010. As it stands, the game has been in development for four years, and may remain in development for a possible five. With that said, it may hit store shelves before Q4 2011, giving it a good six years to fester. Anything beyond that will make it qualified as a possible contender against Duke Nukem Forever.

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  • kyeana
    Why?!? Cruel fate... :(

    At least i can rest assured that when it does come out it will be an amazing game...
  • ColMirage
    As expected.
  • nachochease
    What do they have, like 3 people working on this?! Five to Six years to make an action RPG is ridiculous. The final game should have about 150 hours of play time in single player to justify this kind of lengthy development.
  • acecombat
    kyeanaWhy?!? Cruel fate... At least i can rest assured that when it does come out it will be an amazing game...Unless they decide to ban offline play or some other kind of nerf like they're doing with Starcraft :(
  • buddhav1
    well, that just gives Blizzard more time to take away features.
  • sonic-boom
    Newegg has has that up for months....
  • dirtykid
    Are they planning on making this the next Duke Nukem Forever? :(
  • jeraldjunkmail
    How many people work at Blizzard? Two? Three? What a farce...

    Stop supporting actiblizzard, stop buying their online only crap, stop thinking about it, stop pirating it, stop talking about it with others, just forget them and their so called games forever. Let them dry up and die or stoop down to making stupid kiddie console games just to stay alive. NONE of their "products" are worth waiting for if they are going to be online only, can't play a lan game, can host your own server etc... probably can't mod anything either. Don't even play the old starcraft game, screw them!

    Am I being blunt? oh yes lol obviously but so are they. Greed is already killing our economy and country, if we support these greedy companies further, their greed will ruin the pc game market too.
  • Impulse Fire911
    diablo 3 better be like a first person thing or sumthing, this is crazy! more than 12 years for a sequel to the game to come out?