New Duke Nukem Forever PR Footage? (FIXED)

April 1, 2010 marked the day 3DRealms' forever-in-the-making Duke Nukem Forever was slated to go gold.

Obviously that didn't happen.

Like some kind of long, drawn-out soap opera, this game is currently stuck on "To Be Continued," leaving fans hanging after a hell of a cliffhanger that included Take Two taking possession of the game, 3DRealms closing its doors, and remnants of the development team throwing up assets to land new jobs.

And then Friday's Twitter post about April 1 appeared, slapping fans in the face saying "haha look what you didn't get."

Now a video surfaces, showing over four minutes of footage yanked from several scenarios. The clip may or may not be real. Heck, it may be old as dirt. Still, it doesn't feel all that coincidental that this clip hits the internet just days after the Twitter post.

But as one commenter said on the video's YouTube page, Take Two invested "ten of millions" on Duke Nukem Forever-- there's no way the company will simply let it go. Somehow the publisher needs to get some of that money back, so why not hire on a team to finish the job? It males sense.

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself: is it legit or a fan-based attempt? It's obvious that the game will never go away. As Duke grumbles towards the end of the video, I am Duke Nukem, and I am forever!

  • outacontrolpimp
    Video wasnt working for me. Was this it?

    I figured this was it since it was posted on April 4, and toms news is usually a day or two late :P

    (Just a joke, no ban hammer please)
  • japnoise99
    Ditto no video
  • nforce4max
    o.O Leave it up to little guys like us to link the video.

    Note to writer proofreading helps.
  • pojih
    no vid on chrome =/
  • daft
    pojihno vid on chrome =/nor firefox and IE8
  • tvel
    Hahah, love the "F***, not another puzzle"
  • deadsheep
    its all old. the locations they showed in the footage have already been released in screen shots and the other teaser vids. im pretty sure its someone just recording a bit more of the last build 3drealms had.
  • back_by_demand
    Any news about DNF is good news.
    The fact that people still want it after 13 years says it has lasting appeal.
    Seriously, an honest appeal to the game developers
    If you release this game I will buy it, so will about 200 million other people, just release the goddam thing
  • e-rock
    I'm pretty sure I'll be living 6feet under before I get a chance to see this as a finished product.

    Screw you Duke Nukem, you ruined my life.
  • TheDuke
    sooner or later this will come out and if i am still alive at that point, I shall be a very happy man