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Monster 6-PC MMORPG Rig Quickens Farming

Kotaku points the way to an MMORPG gamer who is really, really serious about EVE Online. Unlike most subscribers however, he doesn't spend hours upon hours performing the same mundane tasks to farm gold and minerals. Instead, Zhek Kromtor has created a six-rig setup that allows him to access six separate characters and get the goods faster than the standard method.

Kromtor was originally kicked off EVE Online for software multiboxing: the act of sending a keyboard or mouse click to multiple computers or clients at the same time using software such as Synergy, Keyclone, and more. CCP banned him from the MMORPG for three days, citing "macro use."

To get around the multiboxing software restriction, Kromtor has now created his current setup. The system consists of four wooden dowels draped across six keypads--each dowel has six screws that come into contact with the same keys on each pad. Also in the mix are six mice connected together with packing tape and skewers.

"Once you tweak it a bit and have the mice aligned properly (if they're angled differently they'll be moving the cursor in different directions) it's not too bad to use," he explained. "You have to use two hands on them if you want to click on 6 buttons, but you get used to that pretty quickly."

The monitor setup looks a little like something ripped out of a science fiction movie: two stacked in the middle while a stack of three sits on the left and a stack of three sits to the right. Rather than purchase a monitor rack mount, he chose to create his own using conduit pipe.

As for the actual PCs, he stacked all six under the table however he didn't reveal any actual specs. Nonetheless, the entire MMORPG setup looks impressive--it certainly doesn't look cheap. Some may call this whole setup cheating, others may call it ingenious.