Virtual Game Item Sold for a Cool $635,000 USD

Sometimes you have to ask why?

First Planet Company said Friday that an Entropia Universe gamer sold his virtual resort for a whopping real-world $635,000 USD. This was the same piece of virtual property orbiting Planet Calypso that landed in the Guinness World Records book in 2008 as the most valuable virtual item ever.

Deemed as the largest Asteroid Space Resort property in Entropia Universe, the resort was originally purchased for an incredibly steep $100,000 USD back in 2005. The previous owner quickly recouped the fee in the property's first eight months in business through mining/hunting rights alone, and was eventually valued to be worth $1 Million USD in 2006. That's right--the gamer's overall fortune was deemed to be worth a million dollars.

"This is the fourth major property opportunity offered on Planet Calypso," the company said. "The first sale for 'Treasure Island' took place in 2004 and sold for $26,500.00 USD. Australian gamer, David 'Deathifier' Storey recouped his full investment on 'Treasure Island' within 12 months and has continued to make a profit.”

The second (and much larger) auction took place in 2005 when American gamer Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs purchased the Asteroid Space Resort property sold today for a crazy $100,000 USD. Another big purchase was placed last year by Erik "Buzz Lightyear" Novak who bought popular hunting destination "Crystal Palace" for $330,000 USD.

Entropia Universe--containing the two virtual worlds Planet Calypso and Rocktropia--doesn't require a subscription fee. Instead, the MMOG thrives on in-game microtransactions like the ones mentioned above.

The huge Asteroid Space Resort property sold today was actually broken up into smaller portions and sold off to new investors.