Epic Games Flirts, Removes Something ''Unreal''

Apparently, we missed the big Epic Games show yesterday, as various sites are reporting that the company's site disappeared and was replaced by a teaser image encompassing the entire screen. The image was shield-like and contained a sun rising over a planet's atmosphere. "It's Unreal," the heading stated. "And it's almost here."

What exactly is almost here? Unreal 3? That was our first guess. Perhaps the new title will be Unreal Championship 3. Whatever it is, the heading doesn't offer anything major in the clue department. After all, "unreal" describes most of the company's body of work: the Unreal Engine, the Unreal franchise, the Unreal Tournament franchise, and the Unreal Championship franchise.

As Kotaku pointed out, the teaser more than likely doesn't reveal an Unreal Engine 4-related announcement, as Epic Games president Mike Capps said during the Tokyo Game Show that the engine is currently years away from release. Hey, for all we know, another Gears of War title is heading to retail shelves this holiday season.

Today, gamers will discover that the website has returned to its normal activity--the mystery shield is no longer greeting curious visitors. SCRAWL reports that several threads in the Epic forums were asking about the shield, however those were being deleted as they appeared.

  • buddhav1
    new unreal? i'm down for that.
  • maigo
    What exactly is almost here? Unreal 3? That was our first guess.
    You mean Unreal 4
  • Mysteic
    This is just Propaganda to make people thing they have something it the works. They are blowing smoke because they have nothing for this Holiday Season.
  • Unreal 3 is actually correct...the last Unreal was 2...seeing as Unreal tournament is seperate...
  • Kelavarus
    Actually, their titling went down the hole with Unreal Tournament 3. Technically there was no '2' and '1', though there was an Unreal 1 and Unreal 2. It should have been Unreal 2k7 to follow the naming trend.

    Most likely, whatever it is, will be made for consoles mostly, and will suck overall.

    Epic Fail. I have no faith.
  • shotgunpadre
    having played unreal 1 and 2, epic does a great job creating singleplayer games. I hope it's time to grab my flak cannon to hunt some skaarj with AI
  • bad_code
    DarkersonUnreal 3 is actually correct...the last Unreal was 2...seeing as Unreal tournament is seperate...
    No it was not unreal 2 it was unreal 2004. They changed the name/numbering once they starting making it for the console.
  • bad_code
    PS don't think most people refer to unreal tournament as separate, but you may be correct so many ppl use short hand for taking about things.
  • doopydoo22
  • doc70
    Unreal 3 would be long overdue. The best was Unreal (Gold) and it had an awesome soundtrack as well. The second one, Unreal 2, was OK, although a little too short.
    I would hope for an open world type of gameplay, given that they had more than enough time to develop it.
    The tournament series... in my opinion, the best were the original one and UT 2004. After that one could tell the "consoles first" mentality.

    It's a shame when a developer forgets where they came from and the community that they built upon...