OCZ Offering Free Copies of Far Cry 3 to Vector SSD Owners

SSD maker OCZ Technology is currently running a promotion which provides a free copy of Far Cry 3 to new and existing owners of the 256 GB and/or 512 GB Vector SSDs.

According to OCZ, this Far Cry 3 offer is available in North America, South America, EMEA and Asia regions (excluding Africa and China) for a limited time only. Customers who purchase up to two Vector SSDs will receive up to two codes for the PC version of Far Cry 3. These codes will expire on July 14, 2013, the company said.

OCZ launched its Vector series of SSDs back in November 2012. They feature the company’s next-generation Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller which was developed completely in-house, granting the company full design control over the Vector SSD Series roadmap. Thus the SSDs consistently deliver superior sustained performance over time regardless of whether the data streams are in compressed or uncompressed formats, the company said.

"The development of the Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller architecture is a crowning achievement in our company’s history, being our first controller silicon and firmware completely designed in-house from start to finish using all of the OCZ technology development teams,” said Ralph Schmitt, CEO for OCZ Technology. “These are the first SSD products delivered under the new OCZ and leverages cutting-edge controller technology to deliver a groundbreaking level of sustained performance and reliability for customers seeking a superior SSD for their high performance computing applications."

The Vector series is actually offered in three flavors (although the giveaway focuses on the larger capacities): 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Sequential read speeds are up to 550 MB/s across all three models, but sequential write speeds range from up to 400 MB/s to up to 530 MB/s, depending on the capacity. 4K random reads are from 90,000 IOPS to 100,000 IOPS and 4K random writes are 95,000 IOPS across the board.

"The Vector’s ultra-slim, 7-mm sleek alloy housing supports a wide spectrum of computers including the latest thin form factor notebooks, and each Vector SSD is also bundled with a 3.5-inch desktop adapter bracket and Acronis True Image cloning software to enable quick and easy data transfer from legacy hard disk drive (HDD) storage to high performance Vector SSD storage," the company said last year.

To get your free copy of Far Cry 3, you'll need to head here and provide the SSD's serial number and Acronis key(s). OCZ also requires that customers provide info about where the SSD was purchased. Newegg is among a handful that's currently selling the Vector series, costing $569.99 for the 512 GB model and $248.99 for the 256 GB model (Newegg prices).

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  • billybobser
    Why? Is there something wrong with this one as well?
  • TheBigTroll
    the vector series are right up there with samsungs 840 pro. highly recommend, just that price isnt the best
  • ssd_pro
    Vector is a beast. I have had one since December and it is rock solid... good work OCZ in getting a bit more exposure.
  • bunz_of_steel
    Dang and I just bought the Vertex 4 256G too!
  • disolitude
    Yay...Go OCZ and Farcry3!
  • greghome
    the first half of the article was about the promotion.....
    the 2nd half was just advertisements for OCZ.........didn't have to include that part.
  • dark_knight33
    greghomethe first half of the article was about the promotion.....the 2nd half was just advertisements for OCZ.........didn't have to include that part.
    Paid. Per. Word. ;)
  • Non-Euclidean
    bunz_of_steelDang and I just bought the Vertex 4 256G too!Me too!!!!


    What a rip!
  • Marco925
    Instead of offering free shit OCZ, Get your RMA Department up to spec first. If you're going to entice to buy, i expect you to commit to your service as well.
  • computerdoc_67
    TheBigTrollthe vector series are right up there with samsungs 840 pro. highly recommend, just that price isnt the bestI bought a OCZ Vector 512GB about a month ago from TigerDirect for $499. That's less than a $1/GB. The Samsung 840 Pro is listed for $499 at NewEgg, so they are about the same price. Granted, that's not cheap by any measure, but these are both the fastest SSDs on the market today and $1/GB is about the going rate for many SSDs that don't have near these drives' performance. I'm quite pleased (so far) with my Vector drive.

    I stumbled on this offer today while perusing the latest tech news and was stoked to find out it was good for any Vector drive previously purchased, as well as new purchases. So I went to the OCZ page, entered my serial number and the activation code for the Acronis imaging software that came with the drive (another nice feature of the Vector) and voila, I'm D/L the game for free at while I'm writing this post! :)

    I coincidentally, was thinking about buying Far Cry 3 anyways, and since the game retails for $49, that effectively reduced the price of the drive to $450. That's not too bad at all for such a huge SSD with such screaming performance. Hopefully the drive will be reliable, as it's too early to tell, but the drive also comes with a 5-year warranty which is one of the best. I really have no complaints and this retroactive game offer is icing on the cake. Thumbs up to OCZ (so far).