Fedora 19 ''Schrödinger's Cat'' Now in Beta Release

The Fedora Project team announced on Monday the launch of the Fedora 19 "Schrödinger's Cat" beta. It includes creativity tools like Developer’s Assistant for pushing code to GitHub, OpenShift Origin which allows users to build their own Platform-as-a-Service on Fedora, and 3D Printing. It also includes the latest "Grizzly" release of OpenStack that enables the buildout of an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud platform.

"The Fedora Project team is excited to announce the beta release of its free, fully functional Linux operating system, Fedora 19," the team said. "Fedora continues to enable users to experience the latest in free and open source technology, integrated into a Linux distribution and ready for free download, use, modification and redistribution."

The new release also features the node.js runtime and npm package manager for developing new applications, and for running node.js applications on top of Fedora. It even packs updates to PHP (5.5), the recently released Ruby 2.0.0, and a tech preview of the upcoming OpenJDK8.

"Fedora 19 provides a variety of improvements to the management of the operating system, including the boot process, recovery from failures, migration of systems, and more," the team said. "Tools for diagnosis, monitoring, and logging enable you to be proactive, not reactive, leaving you with more time to spend doing the things you love to do."

Also provided in the beta is Virt Storage Migration which allows users to move a virtual machine and its associated, in-use storage without requiring shared storage between the hosts. Service settings can be modified on the fly without the need for a reboot thanks to Systemd Resource Control, and Checkpoint & Restore, which focuses on situations like recovering from process failures, or moving a process to another machine.

A full set of features in Fedora 19 beta can be found here.

"Software enthusiasts are encouraged to download the beta release of Fedora 19, take it for a test drive and help identify items that need attention before Fedora 19 is delivered for general availability," the team said. "With the beta release, the software is relatively stable, but real-world use and reports from users helps identify any lingering bugs so they can be addressed before it is more widely distributed."

To download the Fedora 19 beta, head here.

  • Someone Somewhere
    So, Fedora is now an OS that may or may not be alive? Interesting.
    Funny, because I thought it (and Red Hat, the non-free version IIRC) was doing rather well. At least in terms of servers.
  • Innocent_Bystander-1312890
    "So, Fedora is now an OS that may or may not be alive? "
    It _can be thought of_ as either. You won't know till you open the box. It's the perfect, though not very encouraging, name :)
  • danwat1234
    I wonder if Sheldon likes Shrodinger's cat better than Windows 7?
  • zdzichu
    Please don't use Red Hat logo for Fedora releases. We have our own.
  • d_kuhn
    You guys have it all wrong... now that the cat is out of the box it's obviously alive, the wave function has collapsed.
    Of course it's like no cat I've ever seen... which will happily sit in boxes forever.
  • Aurora Middleton
    After watching this video http://youtu.be/AO853Smzi9w, I decided to try Fedora 19. I was pleasantly impressed. Stable, secure, optimal management of the hardware. Recommended!