Foxconn Gives Factory Workers a Raise

Foxconn has been in the news quite a lot over the last few weeks. The company is under intense scrutiny following a New York Times report that the people working in Foxconn factories were being mistreated. Earlier this week, Apple announced that the Fair Labor Association had been tasked with carrying out factory inspections at its suppliers in China. The FLA has since said that conditions at Foxconn are above average. Today, Foxconn announced that it is increasing workers' pay. Reuters reports that this is the third time the electronics manufacturer has increased wages since 2010.

"As a top manufacturing company in China, the basic salary of junior workers in all of Foxconn's China factories is already far higher than the minimum wage set by all local governments," the company is quoted as saying in a statement. "We will provide more training opportunities and learning time, and will continuously enhance technology, efficiency and salary, so as to set a good example for the Chinese manufacturing industry."

Foxconn said that three years ago, the pay of a junior level worker was 900 yuan per month. It now sits at 1,800 yuan per month, and can be raised a further 400 yuan, to 2,200 yuan, if employees pass a technical examination. By today's conversions, 1,800 yuan equates to just over $285, while 2,200 yuan is just under $350.

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  • Haserath
    greghomeNot sure who took the picture, but it makes those employees look like a bunch of animals looking outta a cage,I think that was intentional. The people in the picture just look sad...

    I still think this Foxconn thing has been blown way out of proportion though. 1 million workers with 17 suicides. I'd bet in my hometown of about 350,000 people there were more suicides then that.
  • zhihong0321
    300 years ago, Emperor and his family hold the country's wealth.
    300 years after, Giant cooperation's owner hold the worlds's wealth.
    Is not about how hard we work...... It just about how we start.....
    Some people dont have enough time to finish spending his money,
    some people dont heve enough time to make more money before finish spending....
    Only God can help us...
  • amdfangirl
    A few more pay raises and Foxconn will just move out of China, and exploit some poorer 3rd world country with little or no economy.

    If they get environmental protection/unions/pay raise, there's always another desperate 3rd world country to move to...

    They will keep doing so until it actually affects the sale of their products and boycott their products...

    If we could all spare that extra to buy fairtrade...
  • billybobser
    Just about the minimum wage in Greece.

    So which is the 3rd world country?

  • rjmoss
    Wow , something new for them to throw themselves off!!!!!
    how generous to provide a new tall structure.
  • verbalizer
    I see the suicide and jumping jokes have already hit but seriously, this is a shame.
  • inthere
    It'll take a lot more pay raises to make them start manufacturing in America again
  • alidan
    billybobserJust about the minimum wage in Greece.So which is the 3rd world country?minimum is minimum for a reason, you do next to nothing of value why should you make more?
    i sound like a douche... but what foxxcon employees do is screw in screws that have a template over top so you cant screw them in wrong. many minimum wage jobs are minimum wage because you dont deserve more.

    again im not trying to sound like a prick, its just a harsh truth... my friend said a while ago, that he was goint to get a raise... i was happy for him, till he told me that minimum wage was going up... still feel good fro him, but disgusted at the same time...
  • freggo
    This will of course eventually increase the cost of manufacturing and Apple will raise prices.
    Than I can hear the whining starting up over the overpriced crap from China.

    It's easy to say 'pay them more' if you forget that we are the ones putting them in that position in the first place !
    If we don't shop at Walmart, Walmart would not abuse Chinese workers.
    It's like with the drugs.. if we where not consuming that crap the Colombians would not grow it.

  • theabsinthehare
    They don't mention that, on top of the monthly pay, Foxconn houses its employees in dormitories, and pays for their meals. Take what you make a month, subtract the amount you spend on groceries and rent, and what's left is probably pretty close to what they make, if you are working the same type of job they are.