Foxconn Holds Anti-Suicide Rally for Employees

Over the last few months, Foxconn has taken various different steps to try and put a stop to the spate of suicides that have plagued the company over the last few months. The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer has hired monks, exorcists and counselors; erected nets to catch jumpers; asked staff to sign no-suicide contracts and twice raised the salaries of employees. This week the company is adding "no-suicide rally" to that list.

Image credit: APImage credit: AP

The Independent reports that Foxconn yesterday held a rally for to boost morale at the branch most affected by the suicide cluster. The company dished out tshirts, pom-poms and superhero and cheerleader costumes, during a rally in a stadium in Foxconn's Shenzhen industrial park. The stadium was decorated with colorful banners bearing the words "Treasure your life, love your family."

"In the past, from the time we started work until when we finished, we would not really have a break. But now we've been given time to rest," the Independent quotes 18-year-old Huang Jun as saying.

The newspaper also cites Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn founder Terry Gou, who says the company will be adding to it's already 920,000 strong workforce, increasing it to 1.3 million workers across 16 factories sometime next year.

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  • 7amood
    they don't look so happy... maybe they are trying to send us a message... like... save us... or something... i donno
  • Blessedman
    yeah the guy on the left says it all!
  • Anonymous
    Superhero costumes? I believe I can fly........splat
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  • fulle
    Yeah, take pictures of your male employees wearing pink "I
  • Anonymous
    i see some hawt azn's ;)
  • fulle
    fulleYeah, take pictures of your male employees wearing pink "I

    The forum ate my post. I was trying to say that maybe taking pictures of their male employees wearing pink "I 'heart' Foxconn" shirts, and then sending the pics to the media, might not be the best strategy at suicide prevention.

    In all seriousness tho, as much of a callous jerk as I am, I hope that the improved working conditions have reduced the suicide rates. The poor folks just want to work, and have limited means to do so outside of these factories.