Despite Safety Nets Foxconn Staffer Falls to Death

Foxconn has faced a lot of criticism this year as a result of a cluster of suicides at one of its factories. The manufacturing company is said to have installed safety nets to catch jumpers attempting to end their lives. However, it seems even the safety nets are not enough, as Foxconn yesterday confirmed another death at the factory.

The BBC reports that Foxconn Thursday confirmed that a 22-year-old employee had died after falling from a dormitory on Wednesday. The woman is said to have worked in the packaging department. Foxconn did not clarify if the death was the result of a suicide attempt, but said it is investigating.

Foxconn has taken several steps to try and put an end to the suicides. The company raised employee wages twice, brought in counselors, hired monks and exorcists, requested that staff sign no-suicide contracts and installed safety nets. According to the Telegraph, the latest pay raise will bring the basic salary for production-line workers from 900 renminbi ($132.98) per month to 2,000 renminbi ($295.5). Its move to hire counselors was criticized because of the councilor to employee ratio. The Foxconn plant in question employees roughly 800,000 people, and a total of 100 councilors.

  • Frag Mortuus speechless.I dont know what to think about this.
  • No suicide contracts?

    What happens if you break it. Oh wait...
  • rbarone69
    Stupid PR stunt putting nets up. If someone wants to kill themselves, they will do it where there are no nets...
  • Prince_Porter
    No suicide contracts are entirely pointless. All they do is put the idea of suicide into the employee's head, and when they die, it doesn't matter. The most it does is have some legal BS saying that the company wasn't responsible for the death of the employee, so they can save their asses from family lawsuits. If they really want to stop suicide, up wages, increase employers, and give mandatory breaks that offer a bit of relaxation and fun.
  • Jerky_san
    I don't really know what to say either.. I feel sorry for her families loss though.. I hope that others will perhaps be able to find better jobs and not have to work in such conditions..
  • dheadley
    I'm stuck on the whole this one plant employs 800,000 workers thing.......
  • joytech22
    I remember when tom's posted news when the nets went up, and somebody said it was a gimmick for a big antenna instead, Maybe they were right.. (unless it wasn't a jump)

    It's sad how their employers make them pretty much live their lives inside the confines of the plant.

    But in all honesty, 800 000 employees in such a small area could be classified as a city!
  • Stryter
    This is ridiculous. What the hell is going on there?!
  • redgarl
    The Haunted Factory...
  • Darkerson
    This is pretty sad indeed. No amount of safety nets, pay raises, or anything else is going to help this situation. When you get right down to it, these people are forced to work non stop, and cant even get away from the place, considering they are forced to live in on-site dormitories. It is basically slave labor. Who would really want to live knowing no matter what they do, they are probably there for life...