Foxconn Developing 70-inch LCD TV for April Release

Sharp intros two Ultra HD TVs at CES 2013.

At one point there were talks that Foxconn was setting up factories in North America to handle its booming TV business, but sources recently told DigiTimes that the company is expanding its TV assembly production in China. The company will reportedly add ten additional assembly lines, each estimated to cost around NT$100 million, or $3.4 million USD.

Meanwhile, industry sources claim that Foxconn is gearing up to release a 70-inch LCD TV in Taiwan this April, followed by a release in other markets later this year. It will follow the company's 60-inch LCD TV – using panels developed by Sharp – which saw "positive responses" here in the States, Taiwan and China.

Sources said that Foxconn chairman Terry Gou is becoming more interested in the large-size TV segment. The company has teamed up with Sharp to cut 70- and 80-inch LCD TV panels on their jointly invested 10G line in Japan. The upcoming 70-inch LCD TV will obviously use a Sharp panel, released just in time for the expected increase in consumer demand for large-sized TVs next quarter.

In addition to these two TVs, Foxconn is expected to launch an Ultra HD TV, sporting a massive 3840 x 2160 resolution, in the second half of 2013. Currently the actual physical size is unknown although Sharp is slated to launch two new Ultra HD TVs here in the States during the second half of 2013 (opens in new tab), the AQUOS Ultra HD in various sizes and the 60-inch ICC Purios. They will feature a built-in 4K upscaler, a 240Hz panel, Active 3D with Bluetooth 3D glasses, built-in Wi-Fi, a dual-core processor and more.

During CES 2013, Sharp also introduced a 32-inch Ultra HD display using the company's IGZO technology. (opens in new tab) This will be the first IGZO release here in the States, but will cost a pretty penny in the process: nearly $6000 USD. Sharp said it will market the display for professionals, and determine if there's a market for consumers thereafter. So far it's unknown if Foxconn plans to produce displays using this technology.

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  • Parsian
    But does it fly?
  • americanbrian
    How long before TV's don't fit through a normal door?
  • virtualban
    ParsianBut does it fly?It will get caught in the nets if it tries to
  • redgarl
    ParsianBut does it fly?Nope, but it host a new processor called Skynet.
  • virtualban
    In all seriousness, though, I would rather see 1" HD resolution, in glasses.
  • NuclearShadow
    Well this is nice with such a short deadline I'm sure those well treated Foxconn workers will get even more illegal amounts of overtime (yes China actually does have laws on this) and will receive intimidation even more by management that can lead to "security" beating "slackers" or worse if they happen to be a woman. (again all true) Which has actually sparked worker riots against the "security".

    And of course who can forget that accident rates will rise and Foxconn with it's marvelous care for the common worker takes great care of these workers. Just like Zhang Tingzhen who lost almost half his brain and Foxconn treated him so nicely by telling him to get out of the hospital or lose benefits. Of course Foxconn totally changed tune when the media got on that.

    It use to be pondered on what extreme conditions it would take for most to lose their humanity. We use to envision a post apocalyptic world, where the harshness means evil deeds or one's own demise. But in reality it's as simple as means to acquire a phone or TV.
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