G.Skill Unveils 'Perfect Storm' Memory

Back in December of 2008 we brought you news of G.Skill releasing its 2,000 MHz triple channel DDR3 kits for Intel's Core i7 platform. At the time, those kits that were rated for CL9 and CL8 respectively. G.Skill now brings you 2,000 MHz at CL7.

G.Skill announced this week new low latency DDR3-2000 kits dubbed “Perfect Storm”.

The new series come packaged with a bolt-on, dual-fan, cooling unit to get the heat out--very similar to kits from other manufacturers, like Corsair. G.Skill rates the voltage at 1.65v which is considerably lower than other leading kits available. Rated CAS latencies comes in at 7-8-7-20, 2T although there's no word on how loose these timings are, or how far they can be pushed. Judging from past G.Skill products, enthusiasts can expect to get at least CL6 timings with some tuning and possibly even lower.

If you read our article back in December regarding the G.Skill 2000 MHz kit, you might have noticed that they were rated for 1.65v as well. However, the Pi Black 2000 MHz DDR3 modules were rated for 1.9v, which is outside of the Core i7 spec, and is intended mainly for enthusiasts that really know what they are doing. Recent reports suggest that Core i7 will be very sensitive to voltages and quality of memory. Motherboard manufacturers have confirmed that Core i7 is indeed picky about memory specifications.

The new kits are slated to arrive in 3GB and 6GB flavors and come with a G.Skill lifetime warranty. Check out the G.Skill "Perfect Storm" product listing here.

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  • bin1127
    but then tomshardware already did an article showing how little high spec ram affects performance. these probably cost $500, so if you already bought 3 4870x2 then ya, maybe.
  • jaragon13
    Dang,pair those up with quad Intel SLC drives in RAID-0 and you'd get amazing load times.How I wish I was rich : /
  • Anonymous
    SSDs, the mainstream ones atleast... blow... don't get into them yet... I made that mistake an i'm switching back over to a conventianal harddrive it was so bad... epic waste of money by me... but i learned a lesson... NEVER adopt something that is still evolving extremely fast and is completely new to the market

    not ever doing that again