Tom's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP

GIMP is a popular image editing tool that is free and easy to use, once you get the hang of it. It might take you a while to get to know the product inside and out, but the Tom's Guide team has put together a list of tips and tricks to get you started and well on your way to mastering the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Check them out in 'Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP.'

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, more commonly known by the acronym GIMP, is a free and powerful open-source graphicsmanipulation tool that can be used for everything from photo manipulation and clean up to digital painting. In development since 1995, GIMP is something of an open-source darling, sometimes being called the "free Photoshop." In this case, you don't short change yourself when you decide to go free and open source. Of course, as with any powerful tool, it takes time to learn its functions, and there are a lot of extra tools you can add to make it that much more powerful. Here are a few basics to keep in mind, one or two tutorials, and a grab bag of useful GIMP plugins to enhance an already excellent program. Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP

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