GOG's Interplay Bundle is Pay-What-You-Want

GOG is taking a page out of Humble Indie Bundle's pay-what-you-want method for its Interplay pack. Old-school gamers looking to revisit the '90s can choose to pay what they want for access to old Interplay titles.

Though the Interplay pack is 32 games, those who choose to pay only a $1 will only have access to eight. Those who choose to pay above the average (which, at the time of this writing is $13.61) will receive an additional 12 games. Those who pay $34.99 will receive all 32 games. It's not a bad deal, considering the original pack is worth $191.68.

The tiered pricing is set out below:

Pay-what-you-want ($.99 minimum):

·        Conquest of the New World

·        M.A.X. + M.A.X. 2

·        Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business

·        Shattered Steel

·        Screamer

·        Evolva

·        Kingdom: The Far Reaches

·        VR Soccer '96

Pay Above the Average:

·        All of the above games

·        Freespace + Expansion

·        Giants: Citizen Kabuto

·        Descent 3 + Expansion

·        Stonekeep

·        Castles + Castles 2

·        Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

·        Messiah

·        Battle Chess Special Edition

·        Die by the Sword + Expansion

·        Earthworm Jim 3D

·        F/A-18E Super Hornet

·        Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

Pay $34.99 or More:

·        All of the above games

·        Fallout

·        Fallout 2

·        Fallout: Tactics

·        Freespace 2

·        Descent + Descent 2

·        Redneck Rampage Collection

·        Sacrifice

·        Earthworm Jim 1 + 2

·        MDK

·        MDK 2

·        Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

·        Kingpin: Life of Crime


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  • echondo
    Just the Fallout games alone are $10 each...

    Damn good deal!
  • Vestin
    No! The slider is but ONE method of adjusting the price... CLICKING on the displayed price is another. You may as well get the first 8 games for a single cent... if you want to. Just click on the 0.99 and change it to 0.01 ;P.
  • frombehind
    they need to do this with modern titles... COD for 10 bucks - campaign only, 30 bucks MP only, 45 for both... and then maybe things like "triple exp foir a day" for 5 bucks, or wep attachemnt unlocks for 3 bucks, or weapon camo unlocks for 1 dollar.