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Canadian Leaks Shows Galaxy S III Launching June 20

We've been hearing a lot about pre-orders for the Galaxy S III in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. However, thanks to the fact that Samsung hasn't announced an official North American release date, we're still (mostly) in the dark about the phone's arrival stateside. We know the phone is coming sometime this summer but we don't exactly know when. Unless all of North American is getting it the same day as the Canada, in which case it will be June 20.

MobileSyrup obtained the image you see above, which shows the Canadian release date for the Galaxy S III as June 20. So far no carrier has confirmed that they'll have the device in on at that date, but the flyer shows that it will be available on Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile when it does launch. The image is no longer available on Mobile Syrup because the site was asked to take it down. They don't mention where they got it or who asked them to pull it, but they complied and switched it out for one of Samsung's press shorts of the Galaxy S III.

The Galaxy S III was announced earlier this month and is going on sale in the UK on May 29. It's thought it might hit pre-order status in Canada on May 30 but that's still unconfirmed. Specs-wise you're looking at a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 display; a quad-core Exynos processor; 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera on the back with a 1.9-megpixel affair up front; and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with Samsung's TouchWiz UI on top and new gesture functions to improve navigation. Depending on the region, there's either HSPA+ or LTE support.

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  • whiteodian
    Screw Canada! When does the U.S get it?
  • The Greater Good
    whiteodianScrew Canada! When does the U.S get it?

    Hey! Screw you, buddy!

  • killerofall
    This looks like an online ad for I can tell by the fonts and the colors. It could be a print ad but this format is not generally used for print as far as I can remember. Then again I have only seen Best Buy US ads and the Canadian ads could be different.
  • Cy-Kill
    We, as Canadians, are better off buying the international version, and then getting it put on local carriers, because we are getting the same dumbed down version that the Americans are getting.
  • cyan1d3
    The Greater GoodHey! Screw you, buddy!Scott
    Don't call me buddy, guy!

    - T & P
  • The Greater Good
    I'm not your guy, friend!
  • computernerdforlife
    How much is the phone, cash in CAD?
  • It's not quad core if its LTE!!!! This kind of false information is incredibly annoying, you either get the older much slower 3G/HSPA network with quad core processor OR LTE 4G super fast network with dual core processor.
  • alyoshka
    It's still a samsung......:(
  • jigglylizard
    Unless all of North American is getting it the same day as the Canada, in which case it will be June 20.

    Anyone else thrown off by this sentence? Especially since Canada is part of North America? One of only two countries in North America?