Tom's Guide: 15 Killer Game Demos You Have to Try

Game demos offer a us a 'try before you buy' look at upcoming games. They give us a taste of what a game has to offer and offer enough of a sneak peak to make a decision on whether or not we're interested in purchasing the full game. Still, not all game demos are created equal, and some are vastly better than others. The Tom's Guide team has put together a round-up of 15 can't-miss demos for you to get your teeth in over the weekend. Check out '15 Killer Game Demos You Have to Try' for the full list!

Computer game demos offer users a taste of upcoming and released computer games. They can showcase features that a game developer may want to highlight or even provide some surprising replay value outside of the full game itself. We've compiled a list of game demos that we've taken a shine to, ranging from big budget, brand name AAA games to quirky, little indy releases. Give them a shot, and who knows, you might also find a game worth buying.

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  • vaughn2k
    My kids plays minecraft all-day... do not have time for demo...
  • skaz
    Going to try the new x-com out. Looks good. Probably going to wait for it to drop around $30 or so.
  • guess who
    No, I do not "have to". If I were interested I would.

    "Have to"s and "must have"s offend me. I make my own decisions about what to do/get.