New Palit GTX460 Sonic Uses 2GB GDDR5

Wednesday Palit Microsystems Ltd. introduced the GTX460 Sonic 2GB, its latest entry in the GTX 460 series. As the name implies, the card provides 2GB of GDDR5 high speed memory clocked at 3.6 GHz on a 256-bit memory bandwidth. The card also has a factory-overclocked core speed of 700 MHz--25 MHz higher than the reference speed.

When compared with the previous-generation GeForce GTX285 2GB, Palit's GTX460 Sonic 2GB provides a 12-percent increase in performance when rendering visuals at a 1920 x 1200 resolution. "It also enables end users to enjoy extreme enhanced performance while playing the latest DX10 / DX11 PC games under HD large screen and high quality imagery," the company said.

Palit also threw in a huge, 2-ball bearing fan keeping things cool while the GF104-powered card cranks out DirectX 11 visuals. Other bells and whistles include 336 CUDA Cores, a shader frequency of 1400 MHz, 2-way SLI support, D-Sub, dual-DVI and HDMI outputs, and more. The card is also 3D Vision ready, 3D Vision Surround ready, and supports DirectCompute, OpenCL, OpenGL 4.0, and 32x Anti-aliasing technology.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability.

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  • cryogenic
    This is a simple marketing move, by the time this card needs 2GB ram at some arbitrary high resolution, it is already fill rate limited. So the extra ram won't do much good, if at all.
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  • rooket
    12% increase at 1080p is cool so will be waiting for TH to do a review on this card. Usually these higher than normal memory video cards from generic brands don't pan out though but hopefully it will this time around.
  • Darkerson
    Not a bad looking card there. Wonder how much more the extra GB of ram adds to the price. Probably will be the best way to go for SLI, what with the extra ram and all.
  • roastmaster
    Sweet! What is the price?