Gigabyte Teases Customisable, High-Resolution UEFI BIOS for its Z87 Motherboards

Perhaps one of the most baffling aspects about PC technology is that the GUI for motherboard BIOS hasn’t even remotely kept up with the pace of improvements in the industry and perhaps hasn’t improved at all over the past decade. Based on a teaser image uploaded to its Facebook Page, Gigabyte seems to be bucking this trend by offering a highly customizable and gloriously high-resolution UEFI BIOS for the company’s upcoming Z87 “Haswell” motherboards.

Though all the details have been masked, it is readily apparent that the vast majority of real-time system data is available on the UEFI’s main screen, thus alleviating the need to navigate through a multitude of submenus to access this information. The firmware also appears to be highly customizable, offering users the ability to create custom tabs such as the one labelled “performance” in the teaser image.

In addition to simply living up to its hype and expectations, we further hope that Gigabyte's revelation will serve as a wakeup call for other motherboard manufacturers to replace their often antiquated BIOS GUIs and offer similarly functional and customizable interfaces for users.

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  • vmem
    WOW, look pretty awesome. now the real question is, how easy is it to overclock on this? :)
  • bowzef
    look's cool, but will it be user friendly? or just over complicated ? plus is haswell even worth upgrading to? time will tell i supose, if haswell is good chip or just a refresh of same stuff? it's seem's to me intel is stagnating there chips in terms of performance, but what i want ideally is change from 4 cores to standard of 6 or 8 cores , not saying 4 cores in't viable, it's just since next gen games going hit soon, most likely game will start support more then 4 core's and benefit from it, def for duel GPU setups like mine. il be holding on to my i5 2500k for little longer, may even update to ivry or something if price drops wen haswell comes to the market
  • hannibal
    to Bowzef: Well i5 2500k is fast enough for a long time... The CPU advancements have been really slow last years.
    Time to upgrade when you start to to believe that it will broke down. If you run a rendering server, it may be good time to upgrade.
    The Toms article:,3487.html
    Shows out that quite old CPU can be fast enough. The new Haswell will be faster, but it may be better to wait and see if the Intel use soldering or that rubbish paste that they used allso in Ivy... If it uses good ole soldering from Sandy times, it may actually be time to upgrade if you really need that 20% more speed... In games the difference is abysmal small. Better buy even that overpriced Titan than upgrade CPU this time...

    Back to article. Nice to see that UEFI is finally coming a real alternative to older Bios. A lot depends on how well this will actually work. The UI offer much more posibilities though!