Larry Page Does the Google Management Shuffle

Larry Page has done some reshuffling in the management ranks over at Google, promoting Android manager Andy Rubin along with others from the YouTube and Chrome divisions. The LA Times reports that Page has promoted seven of the company’s executives to run various divisions within the search giant and goes on to cite analysts that say the move was made in an effort to “restore the sense of urgency and innovation that drove Google's prior successes.”

The changes will see Andy Rubin, the father of Android; Salar Kamangar, who runs YouTube and video; Sundar Pichai, head of the Chrome Web browser and operating system; and Vic Gundotra, who is focused on Google's social networking strategy, promoted to Senior VP roles.

Not to be left out of the round of promotions, some current senior VPs will also be moved around. the Times reports "Susan Wojcicki, who leads advertising, will take charge of ads," while Alan Eustace will take over Web search. Engineering executive Jeff Huber will run local and commerce.

Page has spent the last 10 years occupying the role of “president of products” at Google but is no stranger to the role of CEO of Google; the co-founder was CEO for three years before Schmidt was brought on -- a decision prompted by investors’ demands for a more mature leader.

Read the full story about Page’s executive shuffle here.

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  • The_Prophecy
    That didn't take long...
  • GenericUser
    Susan Wojcicki, who leads advertising, will take charge of ads

    Is that not the same thing?
  • nellyspageli
    @genericuser it is a direct quote from the latimes article actually, yet Jane didn't bother quoting.

    @tomshardware, you are a tech news site, that means that when you are quoting a normal news site for tech news, you really lost it. this was last weeks news