Google Launches All-Access Music Streaming Service

Today is only day one of Google I/O but the company has already given us plenty to talk about. Just one of the announcements made during today's marathon keynote was the launch of brand new music streaming service for Android users.

We've been hearing rumors about Google's music streaming plans for months. The last we heard, the company was negotiating with music labels to offer a subscription-based music service to rival Spotify. Today, Google announced that service. It goes by the name of Google Play Music All Access and will allow users to stream millions of songs across their devices. Google says All Access users will be able to create special radio stations for songs or artists that they love, as well as browse recommendations or explore music by genre. You can also incorporate your own collection of music, with storage space for 20,000 tracks in the cloud.

Google didn't mention much about an international launch and it seems Google Play All Access Music is U.S.-only for now (boo!). Though previous rumors hinted at a three-tier format, Google just talked about one tier of service today. A monthly subscription will set you back ten bucks a month with the first month of service offered for free. No word on the ad-supported free version or the $15 unlimited music and video tier we heard about in February. Users that sign up for their month-long free trial before the end of June will get two dollars off their subscription price and will only have to pay $7.99 per month compared to the regular $9.99 pricing.

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  • ubercake
    $10 a month for internet radio doesn' t make much sense to me. I'd pay $2-5/month for sure. Until then, I'll stick with my cloud-based player.
  • bull22
    "Google Play Music All Access" They couldn't come up with something better than that?
  • the1kingbob
    I agree, $10/month is just a bit to expensive. I just can't justify $120/year for radio, but then again somehow satellite radio still exists.