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Google Play Games Leaked Ahead of Google I/O

We know that Google I/O is going to feature a lot of talk about Google Glass but, apparently, there's also going to be a little something about Google Play Games. Android Police claims to have obtained a copy of the new Google Play Services (v3.1.36). This is said to be a massive upgrade compared to the current version (v.3.0.27) and change the gaming experience on Android.

The Google Play Store is already full of games, but this update is going to make it all a bit more social, with match making, achievements, scoring and leaderboards, and (of course) a whole lot of Google+ integration. There will also be save game sync, which means you can access your saves from any device, not just your phone.

Android Police says Google Play Games is set for a Google I/O unveiling, so we should learn a lot more about Google's plans for mobile gaming later this week. Our own Marcus Yam will be on site in San Francisco and he'll be bringing us all the latest breaking news, so stay tuned!

  • guru_urug
    I cant wait!!! Bring it on. The only edge iOS has had till now was the slightly better polished games. Hopefully with this move, Android establishes itself as a true gaming platform. Couldn't be happier :D