Palit and PC Partner Overtake Asus in Graphics Card Market

Yesterday, we informed you that Asus is still the biggest motherboard manufacturer by a narrow margin in terms of sheer numbers. For graphics cards, however, Asus is no longer the biggest manufacturer. Not only has it lost the crown of being the biggest, it has been knocked down all the way to third place.

Both Palit and PC Partner now have a superior market share over Asus in terms of graphics cards. For those of us who aren't aware, Palit does a lot of the sales under its own name, but it also has a lot of smaller brand names such as Galaxy, Gainward, Yuan, Vvikoo, Daytona and XpertVision. While on paper Palit isn't biased towards either AMD or Nvidia, in practice it only sells graphics cards with Nvidia's chips on board.

PC Partner, on the other hand, doesn't sell graphics cards under its own brand name, nor does it sell graphics cards from a single chip manufacturer. It's Sapphire brand sells purely AMD's graphics cards, and its Zotac brand only sells cards with Nvidia's chips on board.

Fourth and fifth place on the graphics card market are currently occupied by MSI and Gigabyte, respectively.

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  • kawininjazx
    Palit, seriously?
  • Estix
    It's a sign of the economy; the high-end cardmaker loses market share to the more mainstream ones.
  • cyan1d3
    Estix, Gainward is a high end video card producer, if they were available in North America, I would likely have one in my system. I suspect a large portion of Palit's cards are sold overseas and not in North America.