Asus Still Top in Motherboard Sales; Gigabyte Close Behind

While Asus is still the dominant seller of motherboards, Gigabyte is nearing it in terms of raw numbers. In Q1 2013, Asus sold 5.0 million motherboards, while Gigabyte was almost at that level with an impressive 4.9 million motherboards. 

Nonetheless, Asus isn't doing badly. It has an advantage with buying the needed components, and Asus still leads the high-end market segment with which higher profit margins can be made in contrast to motherboards targeted to the OEM market.

Asus and Gigabyte combined shipped 45-47 percent of all motherboards through 2012. Following Asus and Gigabyte, ASRock managed to ship seven million units in 2012, MSI six million, and ECS, Biostar, Foxconn and a couple of other companies filled up the remainder.

Competition is heating up; let's see what Asus and Gigabyte have planned to take the crown for motherboard sales.

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  • rocknrollz
    It isn't surprising, ASUS motherboards are top of the line. Have owned many of them and have yet to complain about a problem with them.
  • excella1221
    Eh.. ASUS makes quality motherboards, but I feel the premium they charge for their name is a tad much. I've since defected to ASRock boards.
  • hp79
    Yup, Asus makes great motherboards. On the contrary, intel boards really suck balls. I only had problems with DH67CF, and after a year of back and forth, intel finally gave up giving me a refund on that thing. No wonder intel is pulling out of the motherboard market.