ATI Partially Launches Radeon HD4800 Series

It seems to be getting more and more impossible for etailers and similar partners to hold their fire: After some Radeon HD 4850 cards, which are officially launching later this month, had appeared on, AMD has decided to drop the embargo on benchmark numbers and product photos of the mainstream card.

Techpowerup posted news from AMD’s Jon Carvill, clearly saying that AMD decided to lift the embargo on the new cards. However, the change of course does not affect Radeon HD4870, which is expected to come with GDDR5 memory, and it also does not include publication of technical details.

Sometimes a hard launch can have its disadvantages if cards become available too early.

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  • swiftpulse
    At last.

    I look forward for a passive cooled 4850!
  • draxssab
    Who wants the review of the europe launched 4850?? it's in French but numbers speeks by themselves, impressive! it beats the 260GTX in many games!!
  • Fedor
    draxssab, thanks for the link. You're right, the graphs are understandable for anyone, including those who don't know french. I would say your comment about it beating the 260GTX is quite misleading, however I still got a very positive impression of the card from the review - it is roughly the same at 1920x1200 without AA as a Geforce 9800GTX, and I believe they say 18% faster with AA. In my case, where I live, the 4850 is already in stores at a price of 300 of local currency, whilst the 9800GTX is 470+. This makes the 4850 a GREAT deal for those without huge budgets.