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Intel Launches HTML5 App Development Platform

This week during the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing, Intel said it is expanding its support of HTML5 by launching the Intel HTML5 App Development Environment. This platform provides an integrated system to develop, test, debug and deploy applications across multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. This undoubtedly will help developers scale their apps to reach more users faster, and cut down on overall multi-platform developmental costs.

"Based on web standards and supported by W3C, HTML5 makes it easier for software developers to create applications once to run across multiple platforms," said Intel's Patrick Darling. "Intel continues to invest in HTML5 to help mobile application developers lower total costs and improve time-to-market for cross-platform app development and deployment."

Doug Fisher, vice president and general manager, Intel Systems Software Division, introduced the new platform during Day 2 of IDF Beijing 2013, saying this platform will make HTML5 development accessible to all developers. It provides a front-to-back and integrated cross-platform development environment, and assists developers in deploying their creations through multiple application stores including Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, Facebook, Google Chrome Web Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.

Best of all, Intel's new environment is available free of licensing fees and other costs.

The new HTML5 development platform consists of the App Dev Center for building HTML and PhoneGap apps in the cloud, the Intel XDK cross-platform development kit, the App Framework (formerly known as jqMobi) JS library for HTML5 app development, App Game Interfaces, and the App Starter quick-start wizard.

"Because HTML5 is a future trend in the world of app development, Intel believes it is important to help experienced developers transition to this cross-platform approach and aid new developers to quickly get up to speed with this exciting new approach so that they can deploy their apps & games on nearly all modern computing platforms," Intel states.

To get started with the Intel HTML5 App Development Environment, head here. You'll need to install Google Chrome first if it's not already loaded on your laptop or desktop.

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