Valve Employee Seen Wearing Half-Life 3 Shirt

Chandana Ekanayak, art director and executive producer at Uber Entertainment, jumped on Twitter ten hours ago and posted a picture of someone wearing a T-shirt donning an officially unannounced Half-Life 3 logo. Ekanayak claims that he spotted the shirt at a local game development event which was worn by an actual Valve employee.

Thing is, the supposed logo would theoretically be incorrect if it indeed represents the third Half-Life installment. Following the previous Half-Life 2 layout, it's assumed that the next sequel would feature a number "3" located in the tab, and the symbol located within the circle. The shirt's logo is reversed yet it clearly reads "Half-Life 3" underneath. Had it not been for the description, this logo could have easily been tied to the long-rumored Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

But as seen in the Twitter post, Ekanayak used the hashtag "#ValveTrolling," pointing out that Valve is likely trying to cause a few waves with the shirt -- which has obviously worked. We've seen enough early "leaks," lost devices and subtle hints to know that sudden appearances like this aren't coincidental -- it's a great way to keep people interested in your upcoming product, a good PR stunt.

That said, a reference to Half-Life 3 appeared earlier this year when voice actress Ellen McLain -- who provides the voice for Portal's GlaDOS -- was linked to Half-Life 3 by her husband, another voice actor who supplies his voice to Team Fortress 2's Sniper. Then there was the DOTA 2 beta client which was found to contain a folder called "ep3" and resources for new weapons.

Does that mean Episode 3 was expanded into Half-Life 3? It wouldn’t be the first time we've heard that theory, but right now it's all mere speculation. One thing is for certain: Valve's employee wearing the Half-Life 3 shirt obviously posed for the picture, knowing full well it would soon hit the internet and have us all babbling over a possible E3 2012 reveal.

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  • boju
    arggh not this again. Although it didnt take long to get on toms.

    This is all over the hl2 forums. One of the posters there contacted valve asking for gabe but was serviced by someone else and couldn’t give any concrete evidence it was anything official.
  • Parsian
    I just hope this is true. I cant wait to see new HL3 on new source engine. Valve is very innovative and HL franchise is IMO one of the best out there.
  • fonzy
    Well for God sake, something has to come eventually it's going on five years since Episode 2.