The Phone Packing Windows XP is Finally on Sale

We've been talking about the xpPhone for a long, long time. In fact, in the time since it first surfaced, Microsoft has developed and released a completely new operating system -- one that's actually meant to be on phones. Still, that hasn't discouraged ITG, the maker of the xpPhone, as the device has finally gone on sale and is now available for any and all to purchase.

Packing a full QWERTY keyboard (and by full we mean arrow keys and all), a 4.8-inch LCD, up to 16GB of storage, USB support, VGA, GPS, a touchpad, a camera and Windows XP (embedded), the xpPhone is definitely not your average phone. In fact, we'd venture as far as saying that this is more a MID with phone capabilities than a phone.

It is expensive (you could get a decent low-end laptop for the same money), but if you're looking for grade A nerd-cred, then you probably don't care about the price tag. Expect to pay $798 for the 8GB 3G version or $732 for an 8GB xpPhone sans 3G. Still too pricey? Why not go for the DOS version (yes, DOS)? That's available for the low-low price of $666. Storage hogs can look forward to paying $876 for the 3G model, $810 for the 2G and $765 for the DOS model.

Source: xpPhone via Engadget

  • Albyint
    XPphone would be awesome, but why have a full OS like that and only have 8gb of memory? The expandable storage could be a saving grace if it were not limited to 16gb
  • rohitbaran
    Wow, beats the iCrap in terms of price. BTW, what about battery life? Windows XP wasn't designed keeping smartphones in mind.
  • alikum
    What's the point of having a fully functional XPPhone?
  • let the hacking begin
  • mrmez
    First MS 'revive' the Kin, now XP phone.
    Are they trying to cannibalise W7 phone?
  • intelx
    expensive but looks very nice though
  • rmmil978
    The DOS version is a devilishly good deal...
  • aznshinobi
    What processor is in that thing? With that pricing it's very debatable, The iPhone 4 is 500$-ish with no plan and it packs the A4, a beast of a chip. The G2's 800mhz Snapdragon proves itself to the big dogs and it actually can be OC'd (a cell phone OCing wow lol) to 1.3ghz and it's priced at around 400$ no plan.

    Oh but most importantly... How will you fit it in your pocket? 4.8 inches of XP fun.
  • Parsian
    I would want to have this phone just to carry it as a Badge of Honor for NERDISM and promote and popularizing technicality and complexity.

  • hang-the-9
    Price of 666 for DOS version, hmm... wasn't there an APPLE that was out for 666 back when they first came out? I'm thinking this price is a bit of a dig :-)

    The issue with a device like this these days is that almost every phone has web/games/media playback at 1/2 or even 1/4 of the price. 3 Years ago I'd be more impressed.