Acer Shipping 7M Android, 3M Windows Tablets in 2013

Acer, who revealed last week that it plans to ship a Windows RT-based tablet later this year, will reportedly ship around 10 million units using various operating systems in 2013 alone, a 400-percent increase compared to 2012's numbers. The company is already shipping between 200K and 300K units of its 7-inch $150 Iconia B1-A71 tablet each month.

According to unnamed sources, Acer is slated to launch an 8-inch model and a 10-inch Iconia model for the entry-level segment in the near future. Once those hit the market, the company is expected to reduce the price of its 7-inch model below $130 USD. The price of the larger 8-inch and 10-inch models will be below $150 and $200 respectively.

Acer's current 7-inch Iconia B1-A71 is manufactured by Compal Electronics. However Acer is reportedly using Wistron to produce the 8-inch model, and is hoping to enter mass production by April. Both Compal and Wistron are competing to land orders from Acer for the 10-inch model.

Sources said that out of the projected shipments for 2013, Android will account for seven million units while the other three million will use a Windows-based platform. Acer has already admitted to the Windows RT models, but there's a good chance the company may also take the Intel Atom route and offer Windows Pro tablets… if the price is right, that is.

Oliver Ahrens, Acer's president of Europe, Middle East and Africa operations, confirmed with the IDG News Service during Mobile World Congress 2013 that Windows RT will be part of the company's aggressive mobile lineup for this year. ARM CEO Warran East even expressed his positive outlook on Microsoft's new platform during the show, saying that Microsoft will likely learn from its mistakes with the initial release and offer a better product in 2013.

Ahrens seemingly backed up that sentiment, saying that Microsoft needs to put more work into improving on the platform's usability, and to provide a clear value proposition.

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  • Someone Somewhere
    Kind of counting your chickens before they hatch, isn't it?
  • mariusmotea
    In tablet sales this means:
    1st Apple
    2nd Acer
    3rd Samsung

    I don't think that is possible for Acer, they are to much behind.
  • g00fysmiley
    if the actually meet those price goals an drun pure android and nto a terrible overlay it is possible, hell a 10 inch tab under $200 sounds good to me assumign it has at least a 720p resolution and expandable memory via sd cards and at least a snapdragon s4 or better .. btu if it is lowe rres than that and no expandable memor ythen yea dead in the water
  • sonofliberty08
    mariusmoteaIn tablet sales this means:1st Apple2nd Acer3rd SamsungI don't think that is possible for Acer, they are to much behind.ASUS will be on top of Acer