Indie Android Console OUYA Has Over 481 Confirmed Games

If there's one thing clear about the next console generation, it's that the Big Three may not be enjoying their position on high for much longer. Kickstarter darling OUYA and Valve's Steam Box both focus on a console experience that is no longer quite as locked down as it once was. With Valve's position as a digital service provider sealed with Steam, the company's in a great position to launch a console and provide it ample software support. Despite OUYA's sterling array of personnel, it's a new and untested company. Though its Kickstarter was a roaring success, the crowdfunding site is no guarantee for success. Good software support is a key factor in swaying customers onto a console, something that's rather up in the air for a new console developer. Plenty of indie console developers in the past have done the same song and dance, only to have their projects fail miserably because they fail to woo software developers.

With OUYA's impending release, software support will be key. The Android-based console's already landed Robert Bowling and Robotoki's post-apocalyptic Human Element, but one triple-A developed title is hardly going to be the swaying factor. An OUYA forum member compiled a list of confirmed games for the console, and the list clocks in at 481 titles. Most are unknown games, but there are a few gems such as AirMech, Double Fine Adventure, and Final Fantasy III. Hawken, Fatal Theory, Canabalt, among other titles, are still rumored for an OUYA release. Still, getting 481 titles onto a console for launch is no small feat, and the list will only grow as OUYA's release date gets closer. 

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  • merikafyeah
    A console being released with tons of games ready for it? All console releases should be like this.
  • Elwenil
    481 games and probably 450 of them are all casual shovelware crap. Why buy a console that only plays games you can play on your phone or tablet?
  • @Elwenil

    You go ahead and play Hawken on your phone then.
  • Junoh315
    merikafyeahA console being released with tons of games ready for it? All console releases should be like this.
    This seems to be an okay system but a lot of their games will be classic games brought back. One game that was announced was Final fantasy 3. That game is older than I am but it looks like they're using the DS version.
  • 500 games then you got a deal :p
  • back_by_demand
    merikafyeahA console being released with tons of games ready for it? All console releases should be like this.To be fair, Final Fantasy 3 is hardly a new game
  • therabiddeer
    Number of games does not mean it is good.
    52 games on 1 cartridge for nintendo?! It couldnt be bad! But it was horrible....
  • friskiest
    I think that many people that would get the Ouya on release simply based on the support it got from Kickstarter and open-source developers, but this uses mobile phone hardware minus the screen and battery- it'll suffer the same as real game consoles in that they're already outdated at release; not even considering how fast the development is in mobile technology.

    Save for people who would use this to play homebrew games or those who simply want to play "retro" games rather than the latest mobile titles; better buy a phone with decent/better specs and use it as its supposed to be than shell out $100 every year for this.

    And please don't even consider this as a another threat (aside from the mobile gaming industry as a whole) to serious game consoles (PS, Xbox) heck, even against the Wii.

  • esrever
    if you buy a PC, it will have millions of games released and more coming. This is more of a very very limited PC than a console.
  • joecole1572
    I impulse backed the project...and I may be starting to regret it. I have been on the ouya subreddit since it was announced and as most people pointed out, 90% of those games are shovelware. I'm all for the indie game scene, but most developers are trying to get away with really lame looking games. I was excited for FFIII and some of the other high quality mobile game studios throwing their support behind the system, but ever since the funding ended, not one well known major or indie studio has given their support.

    If I can find 10 or so games that I actually want to purchase by the end of its lifetime, I'll consider an acceptable purchase. I am starting to fear that this may never happen....

    P.S. I am really sick of people saying that the Big Three should look out for this. This machine seems like it will get a cult following at best. I don't think the general consumer wants to play slightly better resolution smartphone games on their TV (only I would want to do that :p).