Intel's Rosepoint Puts Wi-Fi Radio, Atom CPU on Single Chip

Once the king of the netbook market with its Atom chipset, Intel now faces stiff competition from the likes of Nvidia and AMD. However, a current research project at Intel shows that Intel hasn't lost its edge just yet. Dubbed Rosepoint, Wired reports that, after years of hard work, Intel engineers have managed to squeeze a digital 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio and a low-power Atom CPU onto the same chip.

Though it sounds simple enough, sticking these two components onto the same chip is no easy feat. Wired's Robert McMillan explains that Intel's researchers not only had to figure out a way to take a complex analogue WiFi chip (with its complicated design and customized circuits operating on a continuum of voltages) and boil it down to the tiny scale required, the company also needed to figure out a way to eliminate radio wave emissions that can cause interference between the two components.

The resulting chip allows not only for fewer chips (which means a lower cost) but also heightened power efficiency. Though Rosepoint is only in the research stages right now, it could show up in laptops and phones by 2015. As if all of this weren't bad-ass enough, Intel is also looking at ways to radio antennas on-chip, too. It might be a while before we hear more details, but it sure is nice to hear what's going on behind closed doors over in Santa Clara, isn't it?

Head on over to Wired for the full details on how Intel has gotten a digital WiFi radio and an Atom CPU to play house.

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  • guru_urug
    It would be amazing if they manage to use the heatsink as a antenna :)
  • CaedenV
    for some reason it took me a minute to realize that by wifi radio it simply meant wifi instead of a wifi radio station like I heart radio or something.... where's that coffee...

    Anywho, very cool tech! One would think they would have a much easier time putting it on a northbridge instead of the CPU as there should be less interference, but maybe they will have a whole SOC for atom before long, and really be able to compete with the ARM chips on the market for cell phones and such. My contract is up in 2 years... so they better have something good and affordable by then :)
  • DjEaZy
    ... that a waste of silicon...
  • garciam
    I'd rather have more speed and the wireless external. more flexibility...

  • g4114rd0
    Intel Santa Clara projects.

    Snapdragon move to all-in-one chip...
  • memadmax
    Nice, and about time too =D

    guru_urugIt would be amazing if they manage to use the heatsink as a antenna
    Thats a hell of an Idea, put a patent on it and sue the crap out of intel =D j/k
  • nforce4max
    Looks like Intel may be getting the edge of amd in the low power arena.
  • ivyanev
    Good job and good luck selling these in 2015.
  • esrever
    can't wait for the day they integrate everything into an atom.
  • blueeyesm
    'Intel is also looking at ways to radio antennas on-chip, too. '

    Should be 'Intel is also looking at ways to put radio antennas on-chip, too. '