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Lenovo Launches Nvidia Ion 2-based C200 at $499

Lenovo today announced a new all-in-one desktop PC that comes with the option for Nvidia's Ion 2 graphics chipset. The C200 features an 18.5-inch HD 16:9 widescreen display (1366x768) and the option for Nvidia Ion 256MB graphics and a touch screen panel. Though it's not multitouch, the Atom D510-powered system is definitely a nifty little machine for the money you're paying. Ion 2 and touchscreen included, it's going to set you back just shy of $500.

If you're looking for something even more affordable, you could always strip out the Ion and touchscreen display for savings of $100. Both models come with an integrated DVD reader/writer, stereo speakers and an integrated webcam.

  • doc70
    cool. Can we expect a full review and maybe some follow-up articles about this?
    U know, a la ipad style?
  • This is NOT iPod news !!!
  • Tedders
    That's a pretty low resolution for a screen that size. Makes me worry about screen image quality.
  • thackstonns
    NO all you get for news is ipad for the week. I am so sick of the ipad. Its not even a cool device.
  • Parsian
    I am guessing, profit margin aside, you are paying mostly for the touch screen feature??
  • babybeluga
    Not portable!
  • anamaniac
    Honestly, just looking at this, it just seems to be a non portable dual core netbook with a bigger screen...
    Low price desktop systems don't seem to have much purpose these days compared to cheap notebooks...
  • counselmancl
    Screen resolution sucks
  • Not worth it, I wouldn't buy from Le "no no" anyways.
  • liquidsnake718
    Almost seems useless, it should be a detatchable tablet