Google Schedules Breakfast for July 24: Future of Android?

Finally, does this mean we get the full slice of Android 5.0 "Key Lime Pie"? Google is now sending out invitations to an event in San Francisco, California on July 24. It's dubbed as a breakfast with Sundar Pichai although we doubt the search engine giant will be dishing out bacon and eggs. Instead, the company is expected to serve up new developments in Chrome and Android, both of which are under Pichai's direction now that Andy Rubin is out of the picture.

There's already talk about what Google plans to reveal during the event. Android 4.3 is first on the list, the latest Jelly Bean installment that was expected to make an appearance during Google I/O. That of course didn't happen, and will now finally make its debut on what's likely to be the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet – maybe even a new Nexus 10 tablet that was reportedly showcased during CES 2013 in January.

Also slated to make a possible reveal with Android 4.3 is Motorola's Moto X customizable smartphone. It will be manufactured right here in the States, and allow customers to choose different colors for both the back plate and trim, and order a customized engraving. Motorola recently began promoting the new phone, so a release date should be around the corner.

Event attendees may also get a hint of the desktop-friendly Android 5.0 "Key Lime Pie" supposedly slated to arrive late his fall. There's a good chance this will be demonstrated on a desktop computer, as OEMs are supposedly lined up to deliver Android desktop solutions with ARM- and Intel-based solutions before the end of the year. HP's Slate 21 and Acer's 21 inch AIO PC are merely a taste of what's to come.

Earlier this year, there was talk that Android 5.0 would get a desktop mode. This is related to Google's acquisition of Motorola, as the former device maker previously equipped its Android gadgets with a "webtop" mode, meaning when plugging into an HDTV, the user is presented with an Android-themed desktop interface. Android 5.0 will supposedly automatically load into desktop mode when smaller devices like tablets and smartphones are plugged into an HDMI port. Heck, Android is already desktop-like now when connected to an HDTV as it is – how can it get even better?

Windowed apps, perhaps? We'll see what Google has in store for attendees and those hovering on YouTube's livestream next Wednesday.

  • nevilence
    5.0 having a desktop mode, my interest is piqued
  • Ovaltripod110
    With all the other sub par (hardware) plug-n-play android devices that cannot actually function like a desktop, I would like to see this happen but have major doubts with all the other failures
  • iSpecialTime
    I hope they actually give out breakfast to the attendees.
  • mariusmotea
    Microsoft hurry up with windows 9. If android go desktop and fight with windows 8 i belive OEM will adopt Android on all cheep notebooks and pc's
  • stevejnb
    Android on desktops is intriguing, super lightweight and super cheap... But it'll have a *long* way to go before it competes with Windows directly. I'm betting it becomes to desktop OS's what Windows Phone is to phone OS's.
  • BranFlake5
    It would be amazing if they actually served Key Lime Pie to the attendees for breakfast. I'd like to see the multi-window function similar to TouchWiz on stock android. Perhaps using the recent apps tab. I hope they discuss the Nexus 5 (LG Maybe? Moto X?) What if they add android apps to chromebooks? Support for older hardware to reduce fragmentation? I AM SO EXCITED. *take deep breaths and count to ten*
  • hannibal
    11179826 said:
    Microsoft hurry up with windows 9. If android go desktop and fight with windows 8 i belive OEM will adopt Android on all cheep notebooks and pc's

    Actually it would be good if MS would have to give up some Windows desktop users to Android desktop users. It would put healthy competition allso to desktop market, but as it has been said in this article, it is mainly for TV-screen usage, so nothing too fansy is coming out yet. The combination of Chrome os and Android os is guite likely in long run.
    Allso win9 does not offer anything that would make those that are willing to use Android in desktop compared to win8.x.
    The best part of windows9 is new disk operation system, that will not be very popular in home computer, because all old devises are based on the older disk opetation system (in long run it will offer much more secure disk operations, and that is very good! Less corrupted files etc). It will have Metro2 (Metor Airo?) and some other new tweaks... Nothing that normal user is very exited about.