Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Specifications Leaked

We've heard that GeForce GTX 650 Ti is set to release on October 9, 2012, which should close the price gap between the recently released GTX 650 and GTX 660. Information coming out of ArabPCWorld shows the upcoming GTX 650 Ti has two disabled streaming multiprocessors (SMXs) on the GK106 GPU, which leaves it with only 576 CUDA cores and TMU count of 48. 

(Image credit: ArabPCWorld)

The memory bus width is set at 128-bits with a standard memory amount of 1 GB. The GTX 650 Ti has a memory clock speed of 1350 MHz (5.40 GHz GDDR5-effective), with a memory bandwidth of 86 GB/s. The GPU is clocked at 960 MHz and, like the GTX 650, it doesn't offer a GPU Boost. The GPU is expected to have an 85 W TDP, which requires only one 6-pin power connector to power the card. The pricing is estimated to fall around $159 when released.   

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SpecificationsGeForce GTX 660 TiGeForce GTX 660GeForce GTX 650 TiGeForce GTX 650
CUDA Cores1344960576384
Base Clock915 MHz980 MHz960 MHz1058 MHz
Boost Clock980 MHz1033 MHzN/AN/A
Memory Configuration2 GB2 GB1 GB1 GB
Memory Speed6.0 Gbps6.0 Gbps5.4 Gbps5.0 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth144 GB/s144 GB/s86 GB/s80 GB/s
Power Connectors2 x 6-pin6-pin6-pin6-pin
TDP150 W150 W85 W64 W
SLI Options3-way2-wayUnknownN/A
Price$299$229$149 (estimated)$109

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  • icemunk
    Better late than never. $150 is a price range ATI is missing at the moment.
  • Ironslice
    I think this should cost no more than $150, especially with only 576 CUDA cores instead of 768.
  • If the specs are correct then it's weaker than gtx 550 ti.
  • luciferano
    Honestly, although I would have preferred one earlier, I think that it might end up being okay that AMD didn't target this price range. If AMD's prices keep getting dropped, the 7850 will hit around the $150 mark and this GTX 650 Ti won't be able to come close to the 7850 in performance.
  • luciferano
    AloyzasIf the specs are correct then it's weaker than gtx 550 ti.
    Actually, I think that this is much stronger than the 550 Ti. The current 650 averages out to around the 550 Ti in performance, so this model with 50% more cores at a similar frequency with a 7.5% memory bandwidth advantage over the 650 (meaning that like Nvidia's higher end cards, this one is also probably at least a little memory-bandwidth bottle-necked too) should beat the 550 Ti by large margins in most games with most settings configurations.
  • proffet
    where are the benches.?!

    mind you the Kepler (GTX 6 series) is a gaming only card so in a certain environment it might do OK for it's price point in gaming....
    but right now the better OVERALL card is HD Radeon 7 series.
    I say this and I'm a nVidia runner but I do more than gaming, computing is very important to me.

    If the specs are correct then it's weaker than gtx 550 ti.
    this card is better than the GTX 550 Ti in gaming..
  • busuan
    Why don't they just do "Pre-Releasing" rather than a "Leaking"? It's getting old. Really.
  • boiler1990
    All these new Kepler cards make me wonder when Maxwell cards are going to release.
  • horaciopz
    THIS CARD ----> http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/768-shader-pitcairn-review,3196-7.html

    Is what AMD needs for the 140-190 USD Range price. a little more Performance than HD6870, cheaper than a HD6850... Just between HD7770 and HD7850. And just about performance of a GTX560ti.

    AMD, play smart, please!
  • rebel1280