First NGFF SSDs Show Up in Lenovo ThinkPad E431 Notebook

It appears that the upcoming NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) SSDs have appeared as an option in one of Lenovo's laptops -- the ThinkPad Edge R431. While buyers can only choose from one size SSD, it's still nice to see new form factors arrive.

Users can choose from either a 24 GB NGFF SSD or No NGFF SSD. The added cost for the 24 GB NGFF SSD is $50. The intent is clearly for the unit to be used as a caching SSD.

NGFF SSDs are SSDs that might appear similar to mSATA SSDs, but they are actually even a tad smaller, measuring just 42 x 22 mm. In contrast, mSATA SSDs measure 51 mm x 30 mm. They are also 1 mm thinner for double sided units, and 2.1 mm thinner for single sided units, at just 2.75 mm thick.

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  • Someone Somewhere
    Ouch at $2 a GB - but that's what you get for paying retail.

    To be honest, I doubt we needed this. mSATA/mPCIe is already pretty damn small. And it's not going to stop apple et al going DIY.
  • __-_-_-__
    we need this because of speed. only that.
  • tenshin111
    We don't really need this because:

    - we already have mSATA/mPCIe
    - and the speed is there as well, the new SSD drive format doesn't give you more speed, just a tad smaller form factor