Logic Supply Outs Affordable Industrial Fanless Core-i System

Logic Supply has announced its new ML250 fanless industrial system. It is a system based on the Mini-ITX platform, and it can carry up to Intel Core i5 processors.

Since it is built for industrial applications, it will offer a series of motherboard and daughterboard options with features such as serial ports and handfuls of Ethernet ports that target industrial customers. The processors that can be equipped are the Intel Celeron B810, the Core i3-3120ME, or the Core i5-3610ME. Memory can be configured up to 16 GB of DDR3-1333 memory, split over two DIMMs. Numerous options for storage and operating systems are also available.

Other customizations such as mounting systems, assembly service, testing and warranty can also be hand-picked to your liking.

The systems are also "designed to be redesigned," meaning that the enclosure itself can also be tailored to cater to the wishes of different industrial customers. Possibilities are wide and include changes such as front I/O displays, screen printing, and labeling the systems with company logos or images.

The units are currently available for pre-order on Logic Supply's website. Prices start at $772.96, which according to Logic Supply, is notably cheaper than competing units which can run for prices well above $1,000 for similar configurations.

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  • SteelCity1981
    how is the starting price of 772.96 affordable? lol
  • photonboy
    Why does an industrial PC need components like audio? Also, industrial PC's computing requirements aren't usually high. They need small, fanless, reliable PC's with minimal outputs. I don't see why this requirement would cost more than $300 even with a small premium for quality components.
  • agnickolov
    @photonboy: The high prices are because of the small batches produced on demand. As for audio, it depends on the application. They probably have designs with no audio ports as well.