Mobile Developer Gameloft Announces LoL-Styled MOBA

With mobile gaming on the rise, it was only a matter of time before somebody ported the wildly popular MOBA genre to the smartphone/tablet sector. Since the days of the original Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), the competitive gaming scene has grown to love the multiplayer online battle arena model of esports. Now, League of Legends is more popular than ever and continues to dominate the PC gaming universe.

Hoping to capitalize on the free-to-play MOBA trend, mobile powerhouse Gameloft has unveiled exclusive details on its upcoming MOBA, Heroes of Order & Chaos. Following the standard model, teams of three or five heroes will duke it out on a three-lane battlefield pushing to destroy the enemy base.
According to Gameloft, the game will feature 30 unique heroes at launch following the typical tank/ganker/carry/support archetypes found in all of the popular MOBA games. Of course, playing a MOBA on a smartphone will be quite a different experience than on a PC, but Gameloft hopes to make up for this with smart game controls.

Like most mobile games, players will control their character with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen while using abilities and attacks on the right side of the screen. The game also features auto-targeting and auto-attacking features to give players more freedom to shop for items and view the entire battlefield.

While the limitations on a mobile-platform MOBA will likely prevent competitive play, Heroes of Order & Chaos may offer LoL-fanatics a familiar pastime for gaming on the go. Heroes of Order & Chaos won't be making its way over to the iOS and Android platforms until October 11, but you can definitely expect to hear more details on the game as its release approaches.


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  • killabanks
    wow if its half as fun as dota cool!!
  • AMD X6850
    One does not simply create a MOBA.
  • darkchazz
    F*** the Gameloft copycats.
    Seriously... all of their games are direct ripoffs of popular pc/console titles.