MSI G-Series Gaming Motherboard to Pack High-Polling USB

Earlier we reported that MSI will be using Killer network cards in a select number of laptops and motherboards. MSI's new G-Series of motherboards will include the Killer E2200 high-performance network chip.

Ted Hung, VP of MSi's motherboard division said, "We are truly excited to cooperate with Qualcomm on the implementation of their unique technology on our soon-to-be announced gaming motherboards. This puts MSI in the driver’s seat for gaming motherboards with a balanced line-up that hits all critical price-points for gamers."

Beyond the Killer network cards MSI will also use MSI's Gaming Device Port, which gives mice a polling rate of 500 Hz to 1000 Hz, thus reducing the response time of USB mice and keyboards from 8 ms to 1 ms. Moreover, MSI will use a 3x gold plating on these ports to prevent oxidation and lengthen the motherboards lifetime. To identify these ports just look for the red plated casing.

Stay tuned for more information during CeBIT 2013.

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  • samuelspark
    Copying the "Fatal1ty" port on Asrock boards.
  • TheBigTroll
    high polling usb ports dont really affect your gaming performance much if any. just like how people have 8200 dpi mice but never use more than 3000dpi.

    and if you are talking about gold content, id suggest you have more gold content in the CPU socket. my cousin had one of their boards and it failed from oxidation . also, improve your vrm components. that should be your main focus
  • nukemaster
    Can usb not already do 500-1000hz