MSI's X58 Motherboard To Have Quad-SLI

Details emerge regarding MSI’s upcoming X58 motherboards.

MSI’s upcoming X58 motherboards have made an appearance online thanks to a newly leaked slide that reveals what features are to be expected. The leaked slide uncovered by those at Fudzilla show three different MSI motherboards projected for release in 2008.

Although one of the motherboards have yet to be assigned a name, the two other boards have already been named the Eclipse and the X58 Platinum. The yet unnamed motherboard will target the “Über Overclocker”, the Eclipse will target the enthusiast and the X58 Platnium will target the performance user.

From what the slide shows, all three motherboards will feature nVidia SLI and ATI CrossfireX support, with the unnamed motherboard also capable of Quad SLI or 3-way SLI with PhysX support. All three motherboards will also come with the features called DrMOS VRM and Active Phase Switch. Except for the X58 Platinum board, other features will include X-FI Xtreme sound, GreenPower Genie and D-LED2.

The Intel X58 is a high-end chipset with support for upcoming Intel Nehalem processors. Along with the introduction of the new LGA1366 socket, the X58 motherboards will also support Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), PCI Express 2.0 and triple channel DDR3 memory. The first Intel processors to support X58 motherboards will be released in November, which include the Intel Core i7 920, 940 and 965 XE. The MSI Eclipse and X58 Platinum motherboards are also expected to be released in November, with the yet unnamed third motherboard to likely be released at a later date.

  • makotech222
    i would only buy it if it included lucid's hydra chip. would actually make sli useful.
  • Shadow703793
    ^True. +1
    ah i was hoping to see a price for the motherboard. Another thing i was wondering what you guys think. if you get the first boards to come out for a new technology dos'nt that usally mean theres gonna be alot of bugs with the first board of it's kind along with an added pricetag? where as a few months later you may be able to spend less and get a much better board? I rember buying a asus p5wd2-e premium when the pentium D's came out. i spent 350 bucks on new egg and thee board was really junk.
  • noobe1981
    Of course winter, but some people like being the first, and some are just plain impatient, while others just have the money to blow anyways.
  • kitsilencer
    I wouldn't buy it. But I wouldn't say no if someone bought it for me.
  • calamit
    but with SLi aren't the gains beyond a third card negligible to the point where you get zero real world gains?
  • giovanni86
    1x with one, 2x with two, 2.8x with 3. Noticeable,somewhat, for the price your probably better off with 1 card then 3, and two might just be bread and butter, but 3 is definitely bragging rights. Yet i heard 3 280's at max resolution at 2560 by 1600 max settings all on very high still could not run crysis, ran at 20fps. So worth the gains, possibly in other games a slight gain.
  • Anything with that atrocious nForce200 chip is not a "Enthusiast" board.

  • hannibal
    Actually these should be cheaper, because you don't have memory controller any more at the motherboard, but...

    It is always a little bit risky to be the first, but if these turns out to be good enough, you can enjoy longer the benefits of new technology.
    Read reviews and look your bank account ;-)
  • martin0642
    calamitbut with SLi aren't the gains beyond a third card negligible to the point where you get zero real world gains?
    No, he specifically said with the special Lucid Hydra Chip, which would make SLI useful. It is not standard SLI, it is a new tech that, as stated, makes it worth having (At least according to the demos they have given) with near linear performance increases.