MSI Releases More Z87 XPower Teasers

MSI has released even more teasers regarding its upcoming Z87 motherboards, one referring to the Z87 XPower motherboard. The first teaser simply shows the Z87 XPower motherboard from a different angle, giving us little new to see except a verification of the insane number of VRM phases that the motherboard will have.

The second teaser, however, shows us a bit more. It shows off some of the features of the new OC Genie 4. Now, users will be able to switch between a "Gaming" mode and a "Default" mode by using a switch on the motherboard. It is also possible, though, that the second teaser is not part of the Z87 XPower motherboard, since if you look at the first teaser, the OC Genie button is positioned in a different place.

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  • ssdpro
    So does this have the broken C1 stepping or the fixed C2? I understand all chipsets have errata, but knowing of major erratum before release and moving ahead to meet a schedule is irritating. Also understand most errata are so minor they go unnoticed or mentioned. This erratum was so major they put out info and plan to quickly correct it.
  • guerrero
    Hopefully they release a good motherboard that would fit my Fractal 1000
  • cats_Paw
    This is marketing, not teaser...