Report: Microsoft Killing Off Microsoft Points by Year's End

Microsoft Points are apparently on the way out. According to an exclusive report over on Into Mobile Apps, Redmond is going to ditch Microsoft Points program this year. Into Mobile Apps cites an unnamed source in reporting the information and claims that by the end of the year all transactions on the Xbox will be switched to regular currencies. Players will spend money based on the currency in their country of residence and those with Microsoft Points left at the time of the switch will be given money for their points.

Of course, ditching the Microsoft Points system will make it easier for folks to shop, especially since it could also mean the end of the $5 spending limit. Previously, users had to buy Microsoft Points in $5 chunks of 400. However, with the new system, Microsoft would (we assume) get rid of this limit, meaning you no longer have to fork out $5 just to get the extra 200 points you need to purchase something. However, Redmond could just as easily keep the limit in place, insisting that users pre-load their accounts with money and insisting on a $5 minimum.

Into Mobile Apps reports that while Microsoft has refused to comment on the news, mobile devs that have publishing agreements with Microsoft have apparently been warned to plan upcoming DLCs and in-app purchases in accordance with the change.

Do you like Microsoft Points or will you be happy to see them go? Voice your opinions in the comments below.

  • Yes! I hate these stupid point systems.
  • cichy69
    they should have done that since the begining
  • classzero
    I am happy to see this go. The points was a ploy to disconnect the feeling you get spending money It was way to get you to spend more money for a download than you would for a physical disc. Many times after doing the conversion, I discovered that it would be cheaper to purchase the physical media than buy the downloadable version.
  • weatherdude
    Good. I hope however Microsoft will sell prepaid cards for those who don't want to attach a credit card to their accounts.
  • jkflipflop98
    Always felt like buying carnival tickets to me. Pure scamjob.
  • g00fysmiley
    I miss the days when i purchased a whole game with all the conent... ntw we buy 75% of the game for 60 bucks and then m$ and PSN try to sell us the rest of it... I had given up on consoles for this reason letting my 360 be used for kinect only... but now that pc gaming seems to be going the same direction guess I'm glad I can jsu tpay cash instead of buying seperate points... still wish I just paid for the game and got the whole thing
  • johnsmithhatesVLC
    But how will I buy dlc without a credit card / paypal?
  • darkgauntlett
    johnsmithhatesVLCBut how will I buy dlc without a credit card / paypal?
    Think about how you buy the points now...
  • invlem
    Thank god they're getting rid of those points. I never understood why they couldn't just use regular currency.
  • zak_mckraken
    darkgauntlettThink about how you buy the points now...You can buy Microsoft Points cards at retail.