Microsoft is Bringing the Windows Store to 500 Best Buys

Microsoft's got a handful of its own-name retail stores dotted around North America but the company looks set to expand its brick and mortar efforts through a new partnership with electronics retailer Best Buy.


Microsoft announced an exclusive partnership with Best Buy that will see 600 Windows Stores open in Best Buy locations around North America. Ranging in size from 1,500 square feet to 2,200 square feet, the Windows Stores will arrive at 500 Best Buy U.S. locations as well as 100 FutureShop and Best Buy locations in Canada.

"The Windows Store offers a large-scale, hands-on customer experience that will show customers how Windows and Microsoft devices and services can make it easier for them to work and play," said Tami Reller, chief marketing officer and chief financial officer of the Windows Division at Microsoft. "We're pleased to partner with Best Buy in bringing the latest technologies to consumers at scale in a unique environment where they can explore how Microsoft products fit together across entertainment, travel, music and other scenarios."

The store-within-a-store locations will allow customers the opportunity to try, compare and purchase a range of products and accessories, including Windows-based tablets and PCs, Windows Phones, Microsoft Office, Xbox, and more. Each location will also have "an innovation space highlighting a variety of Windows scenarios across devices" as well as a special showcase section for the latest Windows-based PC form factors.

The Windows Store will arrive at Best Buy locations starting in June and continuing through until September.

Windows Store Best Buy

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  • soo-nah-mee
    Combining two ships into one ship will still not prevent said ship from sinking.
  • anxiousinfusion
    Great, maybe now they'll sell full retail Windows 8 instead of just the upgrade packs.
  • branflan
    Staffed by hovering morons trying to look like Apple Store employees if they are anything like the Microsoft store