Steve Ballmer's Memo on Windows President's Departure

Following the departure of Steve Sinofsky, former president of Windows and Windows Live, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has responded to his exit via a memo.

While Sinofsky's departure is purportedly mutual, Ballmer said that in order for Microsoft to continue to be successful, "it is imperative that we continue to drive alignment across all Microsoft teams, and have more integrated and rapid development cycles for our offerings."

Sinofsky, who has been with Microsoft since 1989, managed the recent launch of Surface and Windows 8, which was touted as the most ambitious project carried out by the software giant since Windows 95.

Ballmer's full memo regarding Sinofsky's departure is as follows:

From: Steve BallmerSent: Monday, November 12, 2012 5:16 PMTo: Microsoft - All Employees (QBDG)Subject: Windows Leadership ChangesOver the past few months we have delivered the foundation for a new era for Microsoft. From Office to Bing to Windows Phone and Windows Azure, to Xbox and of course Windows and Surface and everything in between, we've unleashed a huge wave of devices and services that people and businesses love. I simply couldn't be more proud of the effort you have all put in to get us here and to set the foundation for our future. At the Windows launch in New York, at the Windows Phone event in San Francisco, and again at the Build event on Redmond campus, I was struck that while externally many people look at these events as the finish line, they really represent the starting line of a new era.As we enter this new era, and with the successful launch of Windows 8 and Surface behind us, Steven Sinofsky has decided to leave the company. Steven joined Microsoft in 1989 as a software development engineer and has contributed to the company in many ways from his work as a technical advisor to Bill Gates, to leading the evolution of the Microsoft Office business, to his direction and successful leadership of Windows and Windows Live as well as Surface. I am grateful for the work that Steven has delivered in his time at our company.Effective immediately, Julie Larson-Green will lead Windows engineering. She will be responsible for all product development for Windows and Windows Live, in addition to Surface. Julie has been a stalwart leader of building compelling "experiences" from her time on Internet Explorer, through the evolution of Office and most recently to the re-imagination of Windows. Her unique product and innovation perspective and proven ability to effectively collaborate and drive a cross company agenda will serve us well as she takes on this new leadership role. All of the current Windows engineering teams will report into Julie, and Julie will report to me.Tami Reller will lead business and marketing strategy for Windows including Surface and partner devices. She will provide broad stewardship to our PC marketing efforts while managing the line business functions for Windows. Her work on Windows since 2007 has been exemplary and her strong talents in working with internal groups and partners will also serve us well. Tami also will report to me.We are facing a time of great opportunity. What we have accomplished over the past few years is nothing short of amazing, and I know we have more amazing in us. I am excited about our people, I am energized by our ability to change and grow, and I look forward to the success which lies ahead. Thank you for all you do, and please join me in congratulating our new leadership and celebrating all that we have accomplished so far.Steve

Click here to read Steven Sinofsky's letter to all Microsoft employees... sent from his Surface RT.

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  • house70
    I was hoping to see Ballmer's departure ....
  • Onus
    Very little in there about the guy leaving. Gone and forgotten. Somehow I don't feel inspired.
  • kanoobie
    How Ballmer feels about developers:
  • jaquith
    While Sinofsky's departure is purportedly mutual
    For sure it was mutual! My take is head butting and Sinofsky lost. The men with the 'Gold' makes the rules (Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer), like it or not.
    Ashamed of Windows 8 I guess...

  • neiroatopelcc
    LORD_ORIONAshamed of Windows 8 I guess...He actually did a pretty good job on surface and the new windows. Ignorant people actually consider the products after seeing the marketing - something usually only (cr)apple can do.
  • jaber2
    Microsoft is a very young company, people in the future will only remember the founders and not the key people who made the innovations through the years to makes them what they are today and tomorrow.
  • cookoy
    After windows, he was shown the doors. But he left gracefully, no sour-grape whining. We may have to wait a little while before more details of his departure come out.
  • Thomas Creel
    hipsters all saying bad things about w8, one day we r gonna say i was alive when w8 came out and revolutionized os's
  • olaf
    neiroatopelccHe actually did a pretty good job on surface and the new windows. Ignorant people actually consider the products after seeing the marketing - something usually only (cr)apple can do.
    I saw windows 8 and its SHIT for desktop, I like my mouse and keyboard , and no i don't want a 27" fingerprinting on my desc ... its enough that i carry one around in my pocket.