Report: Microsoft to Ditch Xbox Live Voice Chat with Skype for Durango

Recently, Microsoft announced that it would be retiring Windows Live Messenger for the much more popular voice chat service Skype.

Now, according to a source close to CVG, Microsoft may be scrapping Xbox Live voice chat in favor of Skype for its next-gen console, codenamed Durango.

“You might jump to the conclusion that we’ll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live,” the source stated.

Considering that Microsoft's been trying to consolidate its platforms, it's not surprising that it's trying to make Skype the uniform service to use. Recent Microsoft job listings, calling for team members for the Skype Xbox team, indicate that this rumor isn't baseless.

A Microsoft spokesperson only offered this comment to Tom's Hardware: "We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we have nothing further to share at this time."

Microsoft is expected to unveil Durango sometime this year, though it's unclear whether or not it'll do so at GDC in March or E3 in June.

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  • Northwestern
    It's nice that they're trying to combine the Microsoft ecosystem at least.
  • holdingholder
    I hope it remains fundamentally the same. The party chat system is probably the biggest reason I played my Xbox 360 far more than PS3.
  • ojas
    Maybe PC games will get Skype voice chat built in too, then?