Microsoft Has Sold 76 Million Xbox Consoles to Date

While gamers around the world eagerly await the launch (or at least the unveiling) of the next Xbox (720, Infinity, Durango), Microsoft is spending its time talking up the current Xbox console. The company is keeping quiet about its plans for the future generation console, likely because any hint of a new Xbox will affect sales of the 360. Speaking to All Things D this week, Microsoft shared some numbers for the current generation of Xbox.

ATD cites Yusuf Mehdi, head of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, as saying the Xbox installed base is now at the 76 million mark. This is up from 70 million at the end of September of last year. Mehdi's remarks were made while speaking at D: Dive Into Media conference.

In addition to its impressive number of Xbox consoles shipped, ATD also cites Mehdi as confirming 24 million Kinects sold and 46 million Xbox Live accounts. These numbers are up from 20 million and 40 million respectively.

This week has also brought fresh rumors regarding the Xbox 720, which will reportedly come with mandatory Kinect and a requirement for installing games. The Xbox 360 was first released in 2005, and is expected to be replaced by a new Xbox later this year.

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  • internetlad
    Thanks, RROD.
  • blubbey
    '46 million Xbox Live accounts'

    So many fools. Why pay for online? It's the only platform that requires you to pay to play online, it's ridiculous.