Microsoft Giving Away Custom MacBook Pros

While the Windows-using world is gearing up for the release of Office 2010 this summer, Mac users will have to hang on for another year before getting their own new office suite in 2011. But it appears that Microsoft wants to show the Mac-using community that it still loves them and is giving away two custom-colored 2.53GHz MacBook Pro laptops.

The MacBook Pros will come with a custom paintjob in one of the colors of the software icons (blue, purple, orange or green). Of course, each winning laptop will also come with a copy of Office 2008 for Mac.

As detailed on the official webpage for the contest, entries are accepted via Twitter following or retweeting @officeformac. The contest is open to all in USA and Canada (except Quebec).

While someone may cry sacrilege at Microsoft for giving away an Apple product, there is some amusement value of a repainted MacBook Pro bearing a Microsoft Office logo right above the glowing Apple.

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  • kyeana
    Custom paint jobs... are we sure this isn't against the holy Eula doctrine? Better watch out.
  • Shadow703793
    This would be MUCH better if it had the Windows logo below the Mac logo or... had Bill Gate's signature on the top cover . :lol:
  • curnel_D
    darkknight22at the end of the day, a free macbook pro is a free macbook pro. i'm all for making a statement but you'd have to be lying if you said you'd pass up someone handing you one for free.

    Ehh, I'll pass it up, just simply because there's no way in hell a hip and trendy mac book is going to tempt me into making a twitter account.
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  • theholylancer
    Is this the baller response after signing that mac book lol? I just gota spread the love with signed macs!
  • AMDnoob
    lol i like it :D kinda shows how microsoft isn't always the big gruff monopoly machine we always think it is. Kinda makes em look like a big teddy bear.
  • kyeana
    Custom paint jobs... are we sure this isn't against the holy Eula doctrine? Better watch out.