VIDEO: It's The Battle For Hoth, Minecraft-Style

First we had the Death Star "trench run" scene depicted in Minecraft back in December. Now ParadiseDecay is back with another ambitious Star Wars recreation: the famous Battle For Hoth sequence from The Empire Strikes Back. The virtual set took approximately two months to build, and the video itself took six days to film and synch along with the movie soundtrack.

"Everything in the video has been built by hand!" creator Grahame writes on YouTube. "I have tried to re-create the Hoth sequence to the best of my knowledge, including the highlight clips from the movie. No special effects or mods have been used..... it's all vanilla!"

Minecraft - Star Wars - Battle For Hoth

In case you missed the first Minecraft Trench Run clip from December, here it is:

Minecraft - Star Wars - Death Star Run

And if these Star Wars projects weren't ambitious enough for you, here's a guy who built the Starship Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation (which turns 25 years old this week) at 1:1 scale in Minecraft. Seriously, I wish I had this kind of time to Make It So Picard-style...

Star Trek Enterprise-D Minecraft

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  • Anonymous
    what a POS

    the only thing worth mentioning is that mega ship.
  • freggo
    Don't care for the game but you have to respect the talent and work some folks combine in these not so little YouTube projects.
  • velocityg4
    That's what I call really dedicating yourself to wasting time.