World's Cheapest Netbook Under $100

For consumers who want to go cheaper than cheap, Lanyu from Shenzhen, China has created what's labeled as the world's cheapest netbook on the planet: the eBook LY-EB01. So how cheap is this mechanical beast? Try a whopping 666 Yuan ($98), far less than an iPod Touch, Xbox 360, or a nice, full-featured watch. With that said, we have to question what exactly is running this thing under the hood.

According to Ubergizmo, not much at all. However, given the price, low-end components should be expected. The netbook comes packed with a 266 MHz AK7802Q216 ARM processor, 128 MB of RAM, a 7-inch 800 x 480 TFT LCD display, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 1800mAH Li-Ion battery, and Microsoft's WinCE 5.0 pre-installed. We're betting this think even has a 56K modem.

Currently the "netbook" is available in China, however it's unknown whether the device will be available for purchase internationally. If anything, the netbook may be useful to check email or play a few rounds of solitaire. Heck, maybe it will actually play Doom or some other old-school shooter.

  • Camikazi
    666? Evil number!
  • a portable machine that plays doom? WE HAVE FOUND GODS COMPUTER!
  • jhansonxi
    Even more evil - WinCE 5 (why not 6 at least?)
  • Shandris
    "We're betting this 'THINK'even has a 56k modem"...?
    I know I know, it's just a typo. I'm teasing ya...
  • crazymech
    You know the internal is lousy when it runs WinCE xD
  • ColMirage
    No matter how cheap a notebook or laptop may be, I still don't need or want one.
  • brendano257
    Ewwww it looks fugly!!!! Yeah...not seeing the point, especially with that kind of hardware.
  • ceslami
    At least its packing an 800x480 screen. That way I can watch all of my high definition movies in the proper aspect rati...oh wait. No.

    That said, who knows what kind of press this thing would get in the states. There are many people who cannot afford netbooks at their current price point, but $98 could break that barrier. And in terms of demographics, this market would largely be very rural, and most likely the Midwest states. There, people are still using dial up widely.

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  • matt87_50
    so its like a really big winmobile phone? without the phone?
  • Shadow703793
    Oh the 666 days or hours expect the Netbook to spontaneously explode.

    On a serious note, you could run a Linux distro on it (better than WinCE) :P