Noctua Releases Two New CPU Coolers

Noctua has introduced its NH-U12S and NH-U14S CPU coolers, which feature a single tower design. The only difference between the two appears to be the fan that is included.

While the NH-U12S comes with an NF-F12 120 mm fan, the NH-U14S packs an NF-A15 140 mm fan. Each of the units have six heatpipes, so Noctua claims that the NH-U14S is its most efficient single tower cooler that it has ever built.

Both of the included fans have a standard maximum speed of 1,500 RPM, but a low noise adapter can reduce this to 1,200 RPM. In addition, the fans are PWM controlled.

The units are also designed to be slim and fit on practically any system with particular attention to the RAM layout. Noctua claims that any RAM memory would work next to the cooler, without a risk of colliding, even with the biggest of RAM coolers. The NH-U12S will work, not collide, with memory on practically any system, while the NH-U14S will work on most systems, with compatibility guaranteed for the LGA 2011 platform. Both the units also come with Noctua's SecuFirm2 mounting system as well as its NT-H1 TIM.

The units will hit the market soon with an MSRP of $64.90 and $74.90 for the NH-U12S CPU and NH-U14S CPU, respectively. They also come with Noctua's six-year warranty.

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  • flong777
    It appears that neither is the successor to the NH-D14
  • thecolorblue
    noctua is first class all the way.
  • mapesdhs
    When you benchmark these things on release, please include a comparison not just to the
    other current models (including the Phanteks PH-TC14PE please!), but also throw in a standard
    TRUE Rev C or somesuch, so we can see where things have been going with coolers from a
    historical perspective. Have they really been getting that much better? If you don't have a TRUE,
    I'd be happy to send you one! :D I have loads...


    PS. Bit surprised there isn't a TRUE 120 of any kind in the 2010 cooler chart (infact no Thermalright
    models at all).