Nokia Cutting 300 Jobs in IT Division

Struggling Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has announced that it's cutting 300 jobs in its IT department.

As well as making 300 employees redundant, the phone maker will transfer 820 of its current employees to external technology consultancies. The majority of the cuts will be made in Finland, where it's headquartered.

Nokia said those being laid off will be offered to participate in the Bridge program, which sees former employees starting their own company or continuing with external projects.

"Nokia believes these changes will increase operational efficiency and reduce operating costs creating an IT organization appropriate for Nokia’s current size and scope," it said.

Nokia, which recently confirmed it sold 86.3 million phones and 4.4 million Lumia smartphone units during Q4, is selling its head office in Finland for $222 million.

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  • nekromobo
    This was already known 1 year ago when they laid off the last round of people. Check how the share price didnt get affected by this news at all, shareholders already knew.

    Also laid offs where focused on IT-department e.g. support operations, not for example R&D.
    Less people, less to support.
  • mayankleoboy1
    300 indians just lost jobs....
  • Actually 820 Indians just got jobs :P The outsourced ones were transferred to two Indian consulting companies (HCL and Tata).
  • epdm2be
    European welfare declines while asians keep getting exploited.

    In the end all that creep Elop did was not getting "the firm back on track through Windows partnership" but through cost cutting, destruction of Nokia's native IP and massive job loss.

    If I was shareholder I'd have hung him on the highest tree in Finland with his head on a stake on the highest mountain!
  • teh_chem
    Not surprising.

    It's interesting to hear about their "Bridge" program--wonder how much resources are made available from this program to the employees they're letting go. I always have so much more respect for companies that do these sorts of things.
  • master9716
    WTF , nokia still exist?
  • hytecgowthaman
    why many Nokia mobiles causing malfunction (2011 ~ 2012)in just 3~6months ( 6mobiles dead in 1year for me ) .
    customer care update the firmware again same problem raise in 4~6 days . so I'm move to samsung now.
  • Kami3k
    Stop making just Windows Phone 8 phones....

    Screw whatever deal you have with Microsoft, Nokia. You NEED Android phones, it doesn't matter how good people say WP8 is, obviously it's not enough for Nokia.
  • murzar
    Don't die on us Nokia. Quite many people love your phones.
  • wardoc22
    Go back to Harmattan/Meego!!!!